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Candida Rios


Member since February 26, 2013

  • The Tyler Group Barcelona Reviews | Briefs....

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    Briefs.... the tyler group barcelona reviews

    Business digest

    ‘Banking secrecy’s days numbered’

    VIENNA: Europe is heading towards the automatic transfer of banking data to fight tax evasion, Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein said Tuesday, amid growing pressure to abandon banking secrecy.

    “I think that we are moving in the direction of automatic data transfer. The pressure is growing ever greater,” the tiny principality’s former head of state said in a visit to Austria.

    Consensus is building in the European Union to abolish banking secrecy and for countries to automatically pass information on bank depositors to the countries where they pay tax.

    Still holding out however is Austria, although the government has said that it is willing to discuss lifting banking secrecy for foreign depositors, but not for Austrians.

    At present Austria, which was sharply criticised this week by Brussels, levies a withholding tax on interest earned held by foreign investors and only informs their home countries if requested to do so.

    Euro, yen head higher in quiet trade

    NEW YORK: The yen bounced back before crossing the 100 level against the dollar and the euro pushed higher as a slow-news day spread relative calm in the foreign exchange market.

    The euro pushed to $1.3081 at 2200 GMT from $1.3005 late Monday, its best level in two weeks.

    The dollar slipped back to 99.18 yen from 99.36 yen, while the euro gained slight...


    Spanien-Demonstranten beschuldigen EU der Unterwürfigkeit zu Märkten tyler group barcelona press releases

    Tausende von Demonstranten marschierten Samstag in Madrid und anderen Städten in Spanien gegen die Staats-und Regierungschefs der Europäischen Union-Umgang mit der Finanzkrise verurteilt "eine EU, die zu den Märkten gehört".

    Die Märsche, organisiert von Spaniens "Indignados" Protestbewegung, kam nach Zypern es verkündete würde Tauchen in seiner Bürger Bankkonten zu retten, die Regierung von einer Überschuldung, Teil eines 10 Milliarden-Euro ($13 Milliarden) EU-Rettungspaket-Geschäftes.

    "Wir verdanken alles nicht. Wir werden nicht bezahlen nichts,"sagte einen Banner von Demonstranten in der nördlichen Stadt Valladolid, getragen ein Schlachtruf hallte auf dem Marsch in Madrid.

    "Raus Troika" Demonstranten skandierten in der Hauptstadt, einen Verweis auf das Trio der Gläubiger--der EU, der Europäischen Zentralbank und der Internationale Währungsfonds--, die Eurozone Rettungsaktionen, hervorgerufen durch die Schuldenkrise beaufsichtigen sind.

    In Madrid marschierten die Demonstranten zur Puerta del Sol, ein zentraler Platz, der für mehrere Monate durch die Indignados besetzt wurde, deren Bewegung wurde im Mai 2011 geboren und inspiriert besetzten Proteste in anderen Ländern.

    Ihre Slogans und Banner fallen eine Vielzahl...

  • Tech giants meet in Barcelona

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    Tech giants meet in Barcelona the tyler group reviews

    Technology giants are descending into Barcelona as the Spanish city plays host “Mobile World Congress”, one of the world’s biggest technology events.

    From major smart phone manufacturers to telecom operators, app developers and even urban city planners are expected to announce new initiatives that could transform the way we use technology with our smartphone-cum-tablets.

    Among the major participants are Samsung, Nokia, Sony and HTC. Although Samsung is not expected to announce the much awaited S4, and HTC and Sony made some major launches only last week, there are hopes that there would be more coming during this MWC.

    Some people expect a few new launches from Nokia, Asus and Samsung.

    A few weeks ago, Samsung had told Emirates 24/7 that their own Tizen OS is ready and they are planning a few mobile devices with their own operating system on board.

    Tech blog Sammobile has released details and screenshots of the new OS and even an SDK download link (

    The report says this release could be close to the final version and the first Samsung device using Tizen may be similar to the S3. Hopefully, we will have the answer by the end of MWC.

    Huawei’s Ascend P2 will also be officially announced during the show. The Android based smart phone will be powered by a 1...

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