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Rio Grande

United States


Member since February 25, 2013


    Ever wonder how some rich and powerful executives and political leaders can just throw it all away by committing fraud? Shouldn’t they know better? Have you ever contemplated why it’s so hard for addicts to quit? Or why it takes so many years of psychotherapy for people to actually change their behavior? Well, I’m no shrink, but I do know quite a bit about what it takes for people and organizations to change. And one thing I know is this: The motivation to change has to come from within. Sure, there’s a lot more to it than that, but that’s where it has to start. Inside you. We tend to live our lives more or less on autopilot until we start to feel that things aren’t going right. Even then, we’re only likely to make minor adjustments to our inertia. It’s only when things really go to hell that we enter crisis mode. That’s when we’re most receptive to real change. Which is why you really have to bottom out -- to not just want to change, but to feel the need to change -- to be receptive to life’s big lessons. To truly embrace new ways of thinking that will eventually, and only through a great deal of reinforcement, result in behavioral change. That’s a long way of saying that you’re not going to change a thing based on any leadership advice I give you. That’s just not how it works. And yet, that hasn’t stopped millions from piling in...