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lucky chan

Fullerton, California, United States

Designer (Journalism)

Member since February 23, 2013

  • Asia Global Energy India: WPS 2000

    Environment, Environmental Design

    Asia Global Energy has obtained the Asian license to a large scale waste remediation technology that produces valuable electricity and destroys over 1000 tons per day of Municipal Solid Waste. This Waste to Energy Technology is under license and was originally developed in the 1980s under the Reagan administration as part of a joint venture between Ensco and the United States Military. The technology was utilized to destroy US stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons in an attempt to meet US/USSR treaty commitments. Over the last 25 years, this technology has successfully remediated 22 toxic waste sites in North America, including a PCB site near Smithville, Ontario. Since 2000, there has been three energy producing components developed from waste heat in the certified remediation of municipal, agricultural and toxic waste: electricity, hydrogen and fresh water. The company remains committed to reducing global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by converting municipal solid waste (MSW) to clean, reliable, renewable power, and by producing and trading carbon assets based on the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol. Asia Global Energy is licensed to be a selling agent for this technology in India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Our agreement ensures a percentage of the large revenue resulting from the sale, setup and operation of this Waste to Energy technology.

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