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adley brinton

United Kingdom

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    EU ministers held crisis talks Wednesday to seek a rapid regional response to a scandal over mislabelled frozen meat products that is widening across Europe by the day.

    The snap talks, starting at 1700 GMT, came a day after British police searching for the source of horsemeat found in kebabs and burgers raided two meat plants, and France became the second European Union nation after Britain to report horsemeat posing as beef in frozen food.

    Earlier Wednesday, Germany announced a find of suspect lasagne in its most populous state, and just as the talks were to kick off Swiss supermarket giant Coop reported horsemeat in its lasagne.

    "We need a solution fast," said Britain's food and environment minister Owen Paterson on arriving in Brussels for the food scandal talks.

    "The quicker we get this resolved the quicker we can get confidence established across Europe in our food systems and the products."

    Paterson, as well as Ireland's farming minister Simon Coveney, called on arrival for the EU to agree the introduction of DNA testing of frozen foods.

    "We have the technology now to test food," Coveney said. "We need to test to ensure food is what it says it is. I think that will involve DNA testing across Europe."

    Both the Irish minister and France's minister for consumer affairs Benoit Hamon said another protective measure would be to s...