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Jesse Vela

Bellerose, NY, United States

Member since February 20, 2013

  • In Need Of An Encounter With God Will Be Wise

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    In a world of dreams, wishes, and hopes there are individuals that would enjoy sitting down and conversing to famous folks that have been dead for years. Some would desire to speak to Janis Joplin, Julius Caesar, and James Dean. There are others that would really like presenting a word to the framers of the United States Constitution to determine what was actually intended by the second amendment. There then are those which would love speaking with God. One should understand that it is not in a wish and dream world where a person could experience an encounter with God.

    People desire to have encounters with God for many reasons. Some have experienced horrible tragedies in their lives. They would seek to question why he allowed it to happen and what was he doing when it happened. People would like to share their hurt and pain. They would see to make sure he knows exactly how they feel.

    Some hope to speak to the Creator for knowledge type reasons. They would desire to know specifically how the universe was formed and if there are living beings anywhere else. They would seek to know if traveling in time is possible and if human life really begins at conception.

    There will be individuals who will be thinking selfishly when they seek out God. They will want to know the exact location of sunken ships of treasures. True greed would move in and there will be desires to know if it is possible to create gold out of tin and silk out of a sows ear.

    One could seek information about the maker of the universe himself. The desires could include understanding what makes him angry, happy, and sad. Understanding how he reacts in various situations could be information surely sought. And confirming if man is truly created in his likeness would be looked for. There is no doubt there would be desires to verify the color of his skin, if he has any.

    Having Godly encounters is much easier than one could imagine. There might not be an overwhelming booming voice resonating which only a single person hears. The odds of having animals coming to speak in the voice of a human probably will not occur anytime soon. These and other signs of miracles have occurred before through a divine direction.

    Divine interactions happen whenever someone is suffering in need. When hungry children near starvation peer into a persons eyes look for assistance, or families that lost everything in a hurricane or house fire is in need, there are opportunities for a divine encounter.

    When the birds sing, wind blows, volcano erupts, and an earthworm moves to escape the drying heat of the sun, he is there. An encounter with God is able every time there is appreciation for the beauty and perfection or nature. It is possible every time there is love shared with those in need of material things or even a kind word.

    You can find all the details and information you require about how to have an encounter with God from the best online source. See our website which features a dialogue with God and newly published christian books at the following link now.

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