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  • Can you create a pinhole camera by yourself?

    Communication, Environmental Design

    Taking pictures with a pinhole camera can be both fun and creative. There are a lot of tutorials online that can teach you how to make a pinhole camera by using simple cheap materials.

    Building your own camera and making some extraordinary pictures takes only a few moments.

    Making a pinhole camera by you is the simplest thing ever. You may think it takes a genius to show you how to make a pinhole camera, but it is not quite so. You need some simple thinks like scissors, photo paper and black tape.

    To make a pinhole camera you will also need a box or a can. If you use a cane, make sure to paint it black on the interior so that no light will be reflected on to the paper, except the light that enters the small pin hole. A pinhole camera needs to be assembled in the dark, so no light will penetrate the box or the cane. This is the only way how to make a pinhole camera.

    The images created by the pinhole camera are very artistic and can help you develop some of the greatest images. Pictures from the pinhole camera can be easily inserted to a computer by using a scanner.

    The pinhole camera creates soft images, unlike the sharp look of the lent camera. However the pictures taken with a pinhole camera are in color, and look amazingly good, without using any modern technology. In fact, this camera has been used first for science then for art, in 1960 when people saw the pinhole camera as a new way to make extraordinary pictures. As you can see, all these materials can be found in...