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Etta Clifford

Miami, FL, United States

Member since February 16, 2013

  • How To Select Safe, Fast And Trustworthy Computer Movers

    Communication, Communication Design

    Transportation of servers, Macs and PCs demands specialist experience that standard moving companies usually can't provide. Computers can be extremely sensitive to shock and movement, and often just one bump is all it takes to create a permanent problem. Computer movers will have the specialist experience needed to ensure that one's hardware arrives in good working order.

    It's important to package hardware correctly before transportation to protect it from shock and excessive movement. The original boxes are often preferable because they fit snugly. Moving companies will need to arrange packaging material that is the ideal size so that the equipment is kept as stable as possible during transportation.

    Some components have special sensitivity in different circumstances. Disc drives are made up of several components, and this makes them particularly sensitive to shock. They need to be housed inside absorptive material that omits jarring.

    DVDs need to be moved with computers, and they don't respond well to harsh temperatures. Heat can warp them. It's safest to back up all discs and transport the extra copies separately. The data on computers themselves should also be backed up before transportation, because the data they carry is often more important than the equipment itself.

    The staff of the moving company need to be trained specifically to handle sensitive computers. They should be aware of the challenges and demands entailed in transporting laptops, IT systems and server...

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