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Marie Wilkerson

Miami, FL, United States

Member since February 09, 2013

  • The economies of many countries have been hit hard by the recession that began several years ago. Many industries, such as retail, have suffered greatly and are having a difficult time fighting their way back. There are some areas, like construction in Mexico, that have continued to show a steady recovery with future results projected to be equally positive.

    Mexico is a nation that has serious plans to promote their construction industry and to use it as a catalyst in order to promote other areas such as tourism, recreation, transportation, communication and utilities. The increase in economic growth brings with it the creation of permanent job positions in all the affected fields. The goal is to make the top 30 list of the World Economic Forum's Infrastructure Index.

    This is a country that currently has a need for over five million additional habitable homes throughout the nation. The government has mandated that housing and all projects related to it, be considered high priority. Whether federal or independent, all agencies with initiatives in this field are actively seeking private investment partners to assist in reaching their ratings and provisional goals.

    It is going to be necessary to seek alliances with outside investors from other countries in order to become the success that the industry strives to be. An international pairing of construction based firms is sure to be of mutual benefit. The Mexicans can receive the needed financial backing and the foreign nation...

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