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Cotton Candy

Kobenhavn, Kobenhavn, Denmark

Designer (Writing)

Member since February 07, 2013

  • Abney Associates News Blog Warning | Scambook Warns of New Phishing Email Claiming to be US Federal Reserve

    Community, Communication Design

    Scambook is advising consumers to be on the lookout for the latest phishing scam, a malware email claiming to be the US Federal Reserve informing victims about a cancelled wire transfer and prompting the download of a payment receipt for more details. “It’s important to spot these emails now that tax season is over and refunds are trickling in,” said Scambook’s Director of Marketing Kase Chong. “Americans will be eager to click on these messages alleged to include FedWire payment receipts from the Federal Reserve.” This phishing scheme impersonates the Federal Reserve sending an email from “alerts(at)federalreserve(dot)gov”. According to the cyber security experts at Sophos, the email reads: The Wire transfer , recently sent from your bank account , was not processed by the FedWire. Transfer details attached to the letter. This service is provided to you by the Federal Reserve Board. Visit us on the web at website. To report this message as spam, offensive, or if you feel you have received this in error, please send e-mail to email address including the entire contents and subject of the message. It will be reviewed by staff and acted upon appropriately Included is an attachment called PAYMENT RECEIPT, that when opened, infects Windows PCs with a Trojan virus designed to hack the computer and steal private information. Trojan viruses can result in scrambled hard drives, compromised finances, and even identity theft. abney associates news blog warning Continue Reading: Related Article:

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