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Dixier Gonzales

Raleigh, NC, United States

Member since February 05, 2013

  • At some stage in their career, many actors decide to try their hand at directing. Often the reasoning behind this move is that as actors, they get to share their own vision with film audiences instead of having to be the tools to portray what someone else thinks. One actor who has made the move and is now better known as a director is Ulli Lommel.

    The German acting stars Karla van Cleef and Ludwig Manfred Hommel had their son Ulli in December 1944. This was five weeks before their town fell to the Red Army and became part of Poland. The boy grew up in West Germany, however, and first performed on stage at the age of four.

    After a clash with his father about wanting to become an actor too, sixteen-year-old Ulli ran away from home. His relationship with his father never recovered. However, he followed his dream and worked with Rainer Werner Fassbinder, who at that stage was mainly a theater director. When Fassbinder started directing and producing movies, he gave the young actor parts in many of these and also let him work behind the scenes as production designer, producer and assistant director.

    Ulli finally made his debut as director in 1971, with a movie called 'Haytabo'. He continued working with Fassbinder, who produced some of his films. Fassbinder even had small parts in some of these movies, including 'Haytabo'.

    The film widely regarded as the director's masterpiece is his third movie, 'The Tenderness of Wolves', which he directed in 1973. It tells the story of a re...

  • History repeats itself and NFL snapbacks are back in fashion with a bang. Finding a store that stocks your preferred style can be hectic. If you follow some tips you will not only find the best online shops but also ones that are affordable. Improve your wardrobe with the latest designs and pattern and enjoy looking good every day. There is a large collection of traditional designs, modern colored hats or luxury ones.

    Picture out the exact item you want before you begin shopping. Compare designs from different stores and narrow them down to manageable numbers. You can do good searching from the internet. Browse through online shops and see the many collections and prices offered. Choose from Chicago bears, Miami dolphins, Tampa bay buccaneers and many more. The quality range also differs from one store to another.

    One can also consult with people who are close to him or her. There is a high possibility that they know the habits of this person. This will help you determine the kind of gifts he or she prefers. The habits of any person are the best indicator of what he or she might appreciate for a present. A decision that is founded upon their habits is considered safe and the best one.

    One can also ask the person what they prefer for a gift. However, this will depend on the kind of relationship you share. This will help you avoid unnecessary visits to different stores searching for a present that might not be wanted.

    As the wears proceed, the athletic team-hat has improved...

  • This material, as a medicinal remedy has been in use for thousands of years. From the ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Egyptians to European royal families, generations have ingested it in a solution, termed colloidal silver, because of the antibiotic properties. This is where the term 'blue blood' stems from, since royals were rich enough to eat from such plates, ingesting enough colloidal silver water to acquire a blue tinge to the skin. That became a sign of health and wealth, since being rich enough meant being illness free because of it.

    As recently as 1940, the substance was regularly used. Though antibiotics became more popular so this solution was less used, it's coming back through alternative and homeopathic medicine. With worries about antibiotic resistance as well, people are once again examining the benefits it has.

    There's no doubt about the bacteria-killing, disinfectant properties of the metal. Doctors use it still within wound dressings especially for burns; more than ever since super bugs like MRSA came on the scene. It is in ventilator tubes and catheters to lessen infection risk. Though it's benefits aren't yet completely proven and some risks are unquantified, there's good evidence of it's healing powers, as recognized over millennia, plus it's a lawfully available food supplement when in colloidal form.

    Available over the counter, this healthy water costs less than antibiotics, due to production method advances. It is a great germicide, antibiotic and ...

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