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Bark Hasan

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Member since February 03, 2013

  • Greece and Spain: the comeback kids?

    Communication, Communication Design

    newport international group barcelona, Greece and Spain: the comeback kids

    In the Athens riots of February, 2012, the city centre turned into a war zone. Dozens of buildings were torched and the streets overflowed with battling rioters and police. The austerity backlash was evolving into civil war. I covered the riots, and I was certain that Greece’s economy was doomed. I waited for the moment when Greece would hightail it out of the euro zone, taking down Spain, Portugal and even Italy.

    Scroll forward to the early summer of 2013. The sleek new Athens hotel where I am staying, appropriately called New Hotel, is packed even though it’s not cheap. Ditto Black Sheep, a simple restaurant near the old Olympic stadium that opened last year and specializes in top-quality local ingredients. It cannot guarantee a dinner reservation on less than a week’s notice. In a northern suburb of Athens, Diwine, a new wine bar that doubles as a nightclub, is alive on weekday evenings with young, well-groomed clients.

    Economists refer to the mini-eruptions of new businesses in distressed economies as “green shoots.” To be sure, Greece is not saved and reprinting the disgraced old drachma is not out of the question if the country is hit with another political and financial shock wave. Greece’s economy has been shrinking for five years and unemployment was 27 per cent in Apr...


    newport international group fashion review, Eighties fashion: Remember the pioneering self-expression, not the leg warmers

    There was more to the 1980s than neon leg warmers: a new book about fashion magazine Blitz argues it sparked vibrant self-expression. It’s hard to believe three decades have passed since the punks and New Romantics defined London’s cultural identity. Flamboyant, shocking and political, the subversive stylings of clubbers from hedonistic havens such as Heaven, Blitz, Kinky Gerlinky and Taboo are now synonymous with a period of originality, glamour and shock value. This is when dressing up was the ultimate form of self-expression, cost or label be damned. At the heart of this movement, a triumvirate of style bibles – The Face, I-D and Blitz – collectively defined what was fashionable at the time. Now, the last is being celebrated in a new book, As Seen In Blitz: Fashioning ’80s Style.

    As fashion director of Blitz from 1982 to 1987, writer Iain R Webb was the perfect candidate to plunder the archives. A lavish compendium of editorials he orchestrated during his time there, As Seen In Blitz eschews the format of a traditional coffee table book in accordance with the ethos of the magazine. ‘Blitz was intended to cover a broader spectrum – arts, music, film, TV, even a bit of politics,’ says Webb. ‘This sense of diversity was reflecte...


    Get ready to kick-off fashion week in style as FashionTV touch down in the Big Apple to bring you all the hottest scoop, news, and views for Fall 2013-14 LIVE from New York Fashion Week! As the Winter frosts begin to thaw, and Spring 2013 collections filter their way into the stores, the world’s greatest designers have another thing on their mind... like presenting their Fall 2013-14 collections! Too soon? Not for us! On Thursday, the fashion week carousel kicks into gear at the Milk and Lincoln Center with New York Fashion Week (NYFW) taking the reigns and leading us into the newest and hottest looks for womenswear. So what can we expect from this season’s shows?

    Creative Comebacks Starting the week as customary for the past few years, modern and youthful brand BCBGMAXAZRIA will be in and amongst the leading designers for day one and have released some sneak peek pictures of colors and fabrics from their new collection (expect to see lots of sheer black and mustard tuelles). But big news of the day is that after six years away from the womenswear runway, designer Kenneth Cole, is making a triumphant comeback with his final show on the first full day. Another designer on the comeback list, is the ever-unpredictable and unstoppable Betsey Johnson who will unveil her new affordable dress line at NYFW, despite filing for bankruptcy only last year. And now she’s reached the age of 70, we have our fingers-cr...