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Herman Tant

Buffalo, NY, United States

Member since February 02, 2013

  • Many different supplies and tools are using in the art world, including fine art as well as crafts. Acrylic artists use paints in a wide range of colors on a wide range of different surfaces. This type of paint, which has only been around for about fifty years, is popular because it is very versatile, rich in color, offered in many colors and qualities, and can be found in many different shops and retailers.

    Different techniques and practices using this type of material help artisans to get different looks. The paints themselves are versatile and can be used in many ways, which makes them perfect for all types of people and for all types of projects or commissions. Simply mixing colors together or thinning paints a bit can go a huge way to changing their look and usefulness.

    While canvas is the most commonly used surface for paint application, other surfaces that can be painted with this type of paint include fabric, wood, metal, and ceramic. No matter the actual surface being painted, the supplies which are needed include different brushes and a range of paint colors for the specific project. Thinning paints allows them to be used in different ways and to achieve different looks.

    Water can be used to thin paints, however, the results are often not as optimal as those produced when using thinning gels and pastes as water can break down pigments and result in poor consistency. When sufficiently and properly thinned out, the paints obtain the consistency and look of watercol...

  • Fantasy Pictures Using Digital Collages

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design

    Computer applications are used to manipulate images when creating digital collages. It brings together different images under a single frame through art. This imagination is enhanced and deepened through technology. It results in an element of mystical chance. The images are centered on a focus object.

    The basis for such art is mosaic traditions which have been effectively modified. This makes them different from the simple creations in cathedrals, temples and palaces. Mosaic pictures are formed from tiles, stones and marbles of different sizes. Objects of diverse characteristics and existence are merged within a single frame. They result in a boundless picture.

    Ecollage or electronic collage is created using computer software. Editing applications create endless possibilities and improve on the catchy element of the final frame. The resulting patterns are deeper and more creative with better pictures and images. The combination removes the element of boundaries between different images and creates a unified scene under a single frame.

    Advances in technology have created a buzz around 3D images. They are more exciting when used in digital collages. They include mountain ranges, coins, landscapes and beadwork. They have a unique aspect that is easy to combine. An artist may end up with a circle made of beads or a mysterious house. Waves in the sea or expansive mountain ranges are a rich source of collage images. It is easy to create a street scene from such combinations.


  • Usually, when people think of this game, the only thing that comes to their mind is that it is a physically demanding game. While it is true that it does have some physical aspects, there are some mental aspects that many gamers struggle to cope with on several occasions. You can bowl for quite a long period of time but when the important time comes when you need to show your real prowess, you just fail to make the cut. However, by learning bowling hagerstown gamers will be able to improve the mental aspects of their game.

    Mental strength is very important when playing because it is what helps you make the big shot. Many a times, millions of gamers have been haunted by their inability to make the right shot especially when throwing a strike is the only thing separating them from glory. The following are seven things that if you do, you will have vastly improved your mental strength.

    Firstly, you will need to have a competitive spirit. Being a competitor, you will always be looking at things that can make you win. For such people, bad break is not something that takes them back. Rather, it gods them towards winning. They will never quit just because they are having bad spells. On the other hand, quitters will give up at when they experience bad breaks.

    Confidence and not overconfidence, is also key for being mentally strong. Being confident is inspiring and always means that you have a can-do attitude. They always have this belief that anything is possible. They know it all...

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