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Stanley Kevin

Miami, FL, United States

Designer (Interior Design)

Member since January 28, 2013

  • Opt organic rug pads for all good reasons

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design


    Call them organic rug pads, carpet cushions or carpet pads, but basically they are the same thing; namely a pad which sits beneath the carpet and floor to help protect the carpet and extend it life for years to come.

    Carpet pads can protect both carpets and rugs Whilst the majority of people recognize that carpet pads are a necessary item with carpets, most people wouldn't consider thinking around using them beneath wool rugs, jute rugs or other area rugs. However, it's just as imperative to protect an area rug as it is a carpet click here.

    Organic rug pads can look after carpets and rugs in myriad ways:

    1) It abated the wear and tear found over the carpet 2) Regulates the sound that are vital if you have small children in your residence 3) keeps rug in place to make it safer and guard against accidental slips and slides 4) make the rug/carpet feel additional comfortable under foot 5) Feels like a soft wood floor just appearing like a pin, which could be scratches while enthusiastic the rug.

    Organic rug pads are protected

    Conventional rug pads use formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals in their manufacturing procedure which can be emitted from the pad for several months after installation These toxic chemicals also recognized as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) can cause reactions such as headaches and breathing difficulties in those that are chemically sensitive. Though nearly all of the homeowners are not seen chemical sensitive and reacting to VOC's may not be seen with any fitness problem, yet the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) seems to have its own instructions for health problems like kidney damage, cancer, fatigue, nausea, and central nervous system damage .

    Organic rug pads are not made in this way and do not let off any VOC's which means you can rest assured that your home environment is safe and sound and healthy. This is particularly important if you have family members who suffer with asthma.

    Organic rug pads are made from dissimilar materials according to the various companies and include:

    1) Recycled carpet fibers 2) The plant based rubber 3) Polymers and other constant filaments based organic fibers 4) Other organic fibers such as wool, hemp and bamboo

    Where to buy rug pads

    Both conventional and organic rug pads can be bought at any house innovation store local to you as well as in specialist carpet and rug stores online.

    The increasing quantity of homeowners demanding for organic options, more and additional manufacturers are mushrooming in the market to cater such products that assures healthiness and environment.

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