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Carol Keyser

Reno, NV, United States

Member since January 16, 2013

  • Making Use Of Great Food Truck Manufacturers Provides Numerous Advantages

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    Things have come a long way since the age old corner hot dog stand, nowadays any number of unique foods can be found being cooked in the back of a mobile unit. Food truck manufacturers offer fully guaranteed workmanship and even offer financial assistance when purchasing. With each company offering the client the option to specially design the overall look of the truck.

    Standard features included are the use of graded stainless steel in the construction of the cooking units and visible elements on the interior. Frames of trucks are reinforced to support the added weight using the highest graded materials. Most companies offer a full range of sales, manufacture and repair services to the clientele for added convenience.

    Layouts should be making provision for any additions at a later stage. Whilst the unit is being made up the client can fine tune the design for specific needs that may arise. This interaction during manufacture results in uniquely thought out designer units.

    Generally the trucks will have the following suggested features, depending on what is being made. Refrigeration, griddle, steam table, fryer and hot plate for cooking. Additionally three sinks including a hand sink, portable water systems, waste water tanks, dry storage area and a fire system. Water heaters and most importantly a generator also form part and parcel of the unit.

    On completion the manufacturers can assist in meeting of the health codes or regulations. If not fully adhered to when built it may not pass the strict controls resulting in a costly experience. Using a reputable manufacturer will ensure that the long checklists are heeded, and regular inspections passed.

    Health officials will check that the unit can be easily cleaned, with ceilings, walls and floors as well as equipment used needing to be spotless at all times. High quality stoves with proper extractor hoods with canopies must be used and the filters must be easy to remove and clean. Removable catch-pans should be attached to the underside of the vent at the rear of the truck.

    Two water tanks will need to meet strict inspection criteria. Firstly the clean water tank must be separate from the waste water tank and both must have caps sealing each tank. Wastage tank is to be 15% bigger than clean water tanks and must drain to the outside of the truck, the pumps must work properly and hot water must be produced for cleaning purposes.

    Fire inspection certificates need to be obtained and proper fire fighting apparatus must be in place and accessible. On top of the health code requirements, the owner needs to fully reveal intended business operations such as where the unit will be positioned, working hours, complete menu offered, foodstuffs that will be kept and stored, all necessary permits as well as having a fully licensed manager working at all times. Follow up maintenance by the food truck manufacturers will make sure that healthy consistent quality meals are always available.

    If you are looking for the best catering truck manufacturers take a look at the Texas Cart Builder website. Discover your trusted one stop shop for mobile food vehicles and carts when you visit today.

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