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Carol Keyser

Reno, NV, United States

Member since January 16, 2013

  • When considering the many records that are kept of meetings, negotiations, contracts and legal proceedings one cannot help but to awed. Millions of pages of accurate recordings of proceedings of various natures are generated each year. Court reporters, so named even if they do not only work in courts, are kept busy and they are specially trained to produce accurate renditions of proceedings. For a rewarding career as a stenographer Meridian MS is a good place to settle.

    The majority of professional court reporters prefer to use a stenotype machine to perform their work. This machine is a type of short hand device. The operator is skilled in recording every detail of the proceedings by pressing various combinations of keys. They are able to record the identity of speakers, body language and even incidental noises such as laughter or coughing.

    Electronic reporting is another commonly used technique. In this case the court reporter uses audio equipment to record the proceedings. The reporter focuses on making notes about body language, the identity of the various vocal participants and even the context of background noises. It takes much longer to produce a transcript, however, and the technique has therefore not gained significant popularity.

    Technological advances have seen to the birth of voice writing. Court reporters that favor this technique speak into a special mask equipped with a microphone. They repeat everything that is said during the proceedings, including gestur...

  • Preparing 1st Wedding Anniversary Gifts

    Arts & Culture, Fashion Design

    In coming to the end of someone's initial year of marriage you, or anybody else, needs to mark and celebrate this event in a special way. Due to this, learning what 1st wedding anniversary gifts are best to buy will allow you to mark this event. With some decent instructions and advice, you can discover whatever you require for getting the correct gift needed.

    When people want to remember their initial year together as a couple they shall want to mark their time spent together. Getting positive memories can be managed by finding something everyone will like that can celebrate the occasion. You should do the same for friends who are celebrating as well, as you need to get them something which is suitable that they would like.

    The initial year sets a milestone for many within their married life as it is an extremely momentous event. You do not want to forget it, because it shall not come again and it needs to be happy for you. Any gift you do buy has to strengthen the memory whilst simultaneously reflecting the relationship itself and what it means to everyone involved.

    It could be you are purchasing these presents for your partner, or even a relative or friend who is celebrating this event. You can buy them something which is suitable if you know what their tastes are as this is useful. Knowing their personality and being aware of this enables you to buy something which conveys this making them happy to receive it.

    Ensuring that people are happy with their gift is imperati...

  • Things have come a long way since the age old corner hot dog stand, nowadays any number of unique foods can be found being cooked in the back of a mobile unit. Food truck manufacturers offer fully guaranteed workmanship and even offer financial assistance when purchasing. With each company offering the client the option to specially design the overall look of the truck.

    Standard features included are the use of graded stainless steel in the construction of the cooking units and visible elements on the interior. Frames of trucks are reinforced to support the added weight using the highest graded materials. Most companies offer a full range of sales, manufacture and repair services to the clientele for added convenience.

    Layouts should be making provision for any additions at a later stage. Whilst the unit is being made up the client can fine tune the design for specific needs that may arise. This interaction during manufacture results in uniquely thought out designer units.

    Generally the trucks will have the following suggested features, depending on what is being made. Refrigeration, griddle, steam table, fryer and hot plate for cooking. Additionally three sinks including a hand sink, portable water systems, waste water tanks, dry storage area and a fire system. Water heaters and most importantly a generator also form part and parcel of the unit.

    On completion the manufacturers can assist in meeting of the health codes or regulations. If not fully adhered to when built it...

  • Selecting A Best Recording Studio Software

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    People have individual preferences when it comes to the way they enjoy music. There are those who take a simple joy in listening to whatever is on, and then there are the ones who hear what they like and desire to improve upon it. This is now a possibility with so many options available in recording studio software that makes creating professional quality tunes quick and easy.

    People can now use their personal computers to create sounds that were once only possible if they could afford time in an expensive professional recording studio. This is a time where people enjoy making music in their homes and uploading the tracks to the internet so that they may gain a following or receive feedback. With the easy availability of software programs of this type, anyone can now sound like a star without the hassle or exorbitant price.

    Programs of this sort are available in varying complexity levels to be useful to folks of all skill sets. This is a great option for the casual listener who just wants to dabble around and change things up a bit or perhaps make a new song by patching together the best of multiple tracks. It is also perfect for those who have the ideas and just need an advanced method of modifying, editing and enhancing their work.

    Some of these programs will also offer a few more advanced features that many users enjoy. One of these options is a way to create a synthesized sound. Another much desired tool is one that allows one to create their own drum beats and other p...

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