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Mavis Brigham

United States

Member since January 14, 2013

  • Delhi police have stumbled upon a new modus operandi of e-banking fraudsters in which they first hack the internet banking account of the target and then get mobile number blocked to prevent the bank customer from receiving SMS alerts about illegal transactions made by them.

    In a recent case, two Nigerians were arrested by the staff of South Delhi police for allegedly swindling Rs 70 lakh from the bank account of an NRI based in Japan.

    Police seized three laptops from them containing banking data of around 1.5 core people. During interrogation, the duo told police about the new modus operandi in which hackers first hack data of bank customers from its website which contains the internet banking Id, passwords, other basic details and the mobile number on which SMS alerts are sent in case of a transaction from the account.

    "Armed with this information, fraudsters reach retail outlet of the mobile service provider and get the number blocked on the pretext that the SIM along with the mobile handset has been stolen or was lost.

    "As they already know the name and address of the owner of the mobile number through hacking, they even get a duplicate SIM issued of the same number," said a senior police official.

    As per police, there have been a number of such cases in the recent past in which transactions worth lakhs were made after getting the number blocked.

    On August 13, Basanta Kumar, Country Head of Bangladesh of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) h...

  • Img_security_-_abney_177_

    An Abney Associates Hong Kong Security warning KATHMANDU: Persoonlijke veiligheid of het veilige beheer van persoonlijke records, financiƫn en andere afzonderlijke effecten hebben is steeds meer overgebracht naar geautomatiseerde gegevensbestanden die zijn ondergebracht op het world wide web. Alle informatie binnen het bereik van een soort van online server rijst de vraag of de veiligheid van digitale opslag. Bestanden opslaan op de veelgeprezen . 'Almachtige cloud' is slechts sympathiek draai voor 'uw gegevens is op iemand anders server.' Watprecies is veilig over uw gegevens worden op iemand anders computersysteem toch? Hoe kan een individu beter controle over hun online gegevens in deze omgeving? Ten eerste, beveiligen van gegevens is het plaatsen van strakke controle over het vrijgeven van het in de eerste plaats. Ervoor zorgen dat de informatie wordt niet gegeven aan phishing of andere correspondentie die terloops vragen om te onthullen wachtwoord, kritieke gegevens, accounts en sofi-nummer. Wellicht moet nadenken over de voors en tegens van een gedetailleerde-profiel van jezelf op sociale sites. Een uitgebreide individuele profiel kan worden gebruikt om te helpen bijhouden en spion op uw activiteiten van partijen die pretenderen te zijn uw vriend door te contacteren via die dezelfde sociale gemeenschappen. Ten tweede, neemt u de duik met Facebook of Twitter, wees voorzichtig met wat je op dergelijke sites post. Vele beroemdheden hebb...

  • Policy addresses often can be fraught with undertakings and maiden addresses even more so. Their potential for outlining an administration's vision, which will affect business confidence and decision making, gives them a heightened status.

    Chief Executive Leung Chun-Ying's pending policy address therefore shapes as a potential watershed in Hong Kong's business and economic history. There are two reasons.

    The first is the fact that it is the Chief Executive's maiden address, while the second concerns the economic and historical position in which the SAR finds itself.

    If it is to be a positive watershed, the address must articulate effective policy prescriptions in a number of key areas.

    Hong Kong faces a number of challenges amid continuing global and regional uncertainty. While ideally located in what is the most dynamic economic region, Hong Kong - somewhat incongruously - finds itself in a parlous situation.

    Its position as the region's commercial and financial hub is being challenged, and not only by traditional rival Singapore. A number of cities on the mainland are growing in prominence as financial centers of gravity - a trend which will only continue.

    Add to this an aging population, a narrow and volatile tax base, and a widening income gap and the magnitude of the challenges facing the SAR become obvious.

    These factors must inform domestic policy decisions and how effectively they are addressed will shape Hong Kong's ongoing competitiveness and standard of livi...