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nathalie kitt

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  • Seven steps to avoid being 'phished'

    Communication, Communication Design


    An international hacker was recently found to have more than 10,000 stolen debit and credit card numbers. So, clearly, phishing – the practice of tricking someone into giving bank or credit card information – is rife and plenty of people are falling for it.

    Many businesses issue staff with credit cards to pay for work expenses. But don’t assume everyone who works in your small business is too smart to be taken in by the corrupt come-on of some creep who slips past your email filters. Phishing messages can be slyly convincing.

    The website that a phisher’s email links to will have an address (URL) that is similar to but not the same as a real bank's or financial institution’s site. For instance, if the real site is at '', the scammer may use an address like ''. The fake site may be stamped with logos indistinguishable from those on the real site.

    Here are seven tips to help counter the slippery threat of phishing with protection, detection and correction.

    1. Use anti-phishing staff training programs

    One way to prevent the potential financial harm that can be inflicted by phishing attacks is to train your staff to understand phishers’ manipulative ‘head hacking’ antics. Software training programs include PhishGuru and PhishMe, which is a phishing simulator that boosts awareness of the sophisticated tactics used by hackers looking to compromise your firm’s data and systems.

    1. Take a cross-platform stance


  • Phishers Cast Longlines to Hook More Victims

    Communication, Communication Design


    It's the last thing security professionals want to see: A new hacking method that makes it even harder to detect suspect code in emails. The method is actually a stealthy combination of two favorite attack modes, and it shows that hackers are pulling out all the stops to ensnare computer users in their webs.

    Phishing and spear phishing have long been thought to be mutually exclusive hacking tricks, but cybercrooks have found a way to combine the two in a technique called longline phishing.

    "The technique allows you to hit a lot of people very quickly and largely go undetected," Dave Jevans, founder and CTO of Marble Security and founder of the Anti-Phishing Work Group, told TechNewsWorld.

    With spear phishing, which is typically used as a vehicle for advanced persistent threat attacks like the recent one on The New York Times, a select group of connected people are targeted with a highly credible email message based on extensive research of the targets' backgrounds.

    "With longlining, you can get hundreds of people exposed to a website that will infect their computers," Jevans noted.

    He explained that longliners -- named after commercial fishermen who use long lines of hooks to catch fish -- might send 100,000 emails from 50,000 IP addresses, which makes it difficult to identify an email from a particular server as hacking bait.

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  • Rush å fikse Storbritannias Cyber politiet

    Communication, Communication Design


    Eksklusivt: TechWeekEurope FOIs utsette usammenhengende metoder i cyber politiarbeid over Storbritannia, som tjenestemenn begynner å slite over forestående dannelsen av National Cyber Crime Unit

    Når jeg spør Charlie McMurdie, leder for Mets politiet sentrale e-Crime Unit (PCeU), og hvis hun er bekymret for dannelsen av National Cyber Crime Unit, hennes hender dekke øynene i fortvilelse, halv-hånlig, halv-ekte.

    Hun vet at i de neste ni månedene, vil hun bli oppgave med å fullføre sammenslåingen av PCeU med cyber-arm av den alvorlige organisert kriminalitet Agency(SOCA), å danne Storbritannias bly cyber politiet troppen, NCCU. McMurdie vet dette kommer til å ta en monumental innsats, en som vil se slutten av PCeU, som hun hjalp satt opp i 2008. Hun er fretting over det faktum at NCCU ikke engang har et riktig hjem ennå, og heller ikke en sjef å lede britiske cyber politiarbeid inn i en ny epoke. Og hun engang vet ikke hvis hun vil fortsatt være politiarbeid cyber-kriminalitet på slutten av det hele.

    Britiske cyber politiet

    Men innsatsen kan godt være verdt det, for Storbritannias offentlige og bedrifter både. Det er fordi britiske politiarbeid av e-kriminalitet, på landsbasis, mangler i en rekke avgjørende områder.

    Frihet av informasjon (FSM) forespørsler sendt av TechWeekEurope til hver politistyrke i Storbritannia har avdekket stark forskjellene i registreringer av cyber-kriminalitet over hele Storbritannia.

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    Announcing: PMI Honors! Managing Complex Projects, A New Model, by Kathleen Hass

    This important contribution to Complex Project Management was awarded the 2009 PMI David I. Cleland Project Management Literature Award, to recognize and honor the best project management literature published during the previous calendar year.

    What is the Purpose of the Research?

    To determine the current capabilities to manage the complexities of today’s 21st century projects to:

    Achieve project success in terms of cost, schedule and functions, and Deliver real business value in terms of cost savings and increased revenue? This study examines three elements about your project:

    The complexity profile and dimensions of your project The corresponding complexity management strategies that you are using The anticipated results in terms of scope, schedule, budget and business value Participate if you are in a leadership position on your current or recently completed program or project, (project/program manager, business analyst, lead technologist, chief architect, lead developer, business visionary, or product manager, etc.). The study involves completing an online questionnaire about your project and organization that takes about 15 minutes.

    Study Sponsored by:

    Kathleen Hass, Principal at Kathleen Hass & Associates, the leading expert in:

    Lori Lindbergh, ABD, Principal Researcher at Lorius, LLC, the leading expert in:

    Managing Complex Projects A...

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