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Jennifer Hegland

Los Angeles, CA, United States

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  • Settling On A Trustworthy Bed Bug Dog In New England Can Provide Numerous Advantages

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    One of the biggest pest problems that have resurged throughout the United States is the Cimex lectularius Linnaeus infestations. Travelers have brought the infestations back with them from vacation overseas or tourists have brought these pests back from wherever they come from. As a result, a new service has been developed that has become extremely popular. If one suspects that there is an infestation of these creatures, one should employ a specialist bed bug dog in New England.

    The Cimex lectularius Linnaeus is a tiny creature that nests in tiny crevasses and small spaces in mattresses, furniture and even appliances. They have tiny little eggs that are laid in these places. They are attracted to warm living beings and they feed off blood.

    It is believed that these pests originated from travelers that come from other places. They will come and stay in a hotel and a pest that made it comfortably in the person's luggage will come and start building a colony and a nest. The Cimex lectularius feeds off the blood of a human being without the human even knowing that they are there.

    They have the ability to deaden the skin around the area that they are about to bite by means of their saliva. If a person is allergic to the saliva, they have a better chance of knowing that they have been bitten by these creatures. Otherwise, it can take a while before that person becomes aware of an infestation problem.

    If the human is not allergic to the pest's saliva, he might never know that he has been bitten and that is how infestations can build within a room. Beagles, being a scent classed breed of canine, are the best dogs to use when searching for infestations. The hounds have noses that can pick up the scent of a Cimex Lectularius from a distance.

    The measures that one can take to avoid an infestation won't entirely solve the problem. One can hire a pest control professional to come in and spray at potential infestations, but that would only be truly effective if the professional can target specific infested sites. Pesticides are harmful to pets, and to people and general spraying can cause health problems.

    The other option is to hire one of these specially trained beagles that have been classified as scent driven hounds because their noses are so much more sensitive than those of other canines. The pest will excrete a certain scent which is then picked up by the sensitive nose of the beagle. The beagle is able to pinpoint a single egg or pest by the scent that it excretes.

    As this has become a thriving industry, there are many establishments that will offer the services of a bed bug dog in New England. The services of these canines are increasingly being commissioned, specifically by hotel owners, landlords and property management companies. Slowly the problem will be solved by these animals from room to room and establishment to establishment.

    When people are curious about the bed bug dog in New England, they can get details online. They are invited to get their facts about it at today.

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