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Jennifer Hegland

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Member since January 12, 2013

  • One of the biggest pest problems that have resurged throughout the United States is the Cimex lectularius Linnaeus infestations. Travelers have brought the infestations back with them from vacation overseas or tourists have brought these pests back from wherever they come from. As a result, a new service has been developed that has become extremely popular. If one suspects that there is an infestation of these creatures, one should employ a specialist bed bug dog in New England.

    The Cimex lectularius Linnaeus is a tiny creature that nests in tiny crevasses and small spaces in mattresses, furniture and even appliances. They have tiny little eggs that are laid in these places. They are attracted to warm living beings and they feed off blood.

    It is believed that these pests originated from travelers that come from other places. They will come and stay in a hotel and a pest that made it comfortably in the person's luggage will come and start building a colony and a nest. The Cimex lectularius feeds off the blood of a human being without the human even knowing that they are there.

    They have the ability to deaden the skin around the area that they are about to bite by means of their saliva. If a person is allergic to the saliva, they have a better chance of knowing that they have been bitten by these creatures. Otherwise, it can take a while before that person becomes aware of an infestation problem.

    If the human is not allergic to the pest's saliva, he might never know that he...

  • Sewerage issues can be extremely messy and embarrassing. The good news is that through regular maintenance of sewerage fixtures, you can avoid emergency situations. It is imperative to keep in mind that waste water can cause a lot of damage on property. It could also cause a lot of discomfort to your family and your neighbors. When choosing experts in [sewer line repair MN] residents must make several considerations.

    Sewerage systems are very delicate in nature. A small hitch could lead to extensive damage on your property. This is why you should not hire a specialist who is not licensed to handle installation and repairs of sewer lines. The authorities who handle licensing in your state will only issue permits to experts who have received the necessary training and have undergone certification.

    When it comes to sewerage matters, even a small issue needs to be considered an emergency. Waste water disasters often happen after small problems are ignored for a long while. It remains crucial to shortlist experts who can offer you timely services. The professionals you contact should arrive at your premises with the needed tools and machinery to fix your issue.

    Prior to choosing who to contract, have a look at the background records of different companies. The right experts will have records that indicate their ability to provide fast and effective services. Due to the delicate nature of sewerage systems, it remains best to work with a contractor who knows the value of using qu...

  • Owning a piece of mechanical equipment means that at one point it is going to need repair. This could be in form of replacement of some parts or even polishing. This is as a consequence of natural wear and tear or even poor maintenance. When it comes to locomotive machines, engines always fall into a state of disrepair. This usually results into malfunction which may result in accidents. Here are some important factors to consider when looking for good Japanese engines.

    Whenever one buys such equipment, it is very important to consider compatibility. Look at your machine in terms of the quality, the function and even the manufacturers. Identify what you need based on what you already have. This is because buying an item that does not fit is likely to be a disappointment. It may end up being a waste of money that could have been utilized in other ways.

    Engine modification number modifications are a continuing process in the machine manufacture which is quite apart from the major model changes. You will find that spare parts manuals and lists are compiled on a numerical basis with the individual engine numbers being essential to correct the identification of the components required.

    Do not buy a product that is a new entrant in the market. This is so because any faults in that item may not have been realized. This is in contrast with something that has been there. The likelihood is that any errors that may have existed have been dealt with. The chances of you buying a faulty...

  • Using Ibogaine As A Treatment For Narcotic Abuse

    Well-being, Environmental Design

    Substance addiction is a worldwide problem which poses a constant and difficult challenge in many societies. Relapse rates, particularly for highly addictive substances like heroine are often very high even after rehabilitative treatments. High rates of drug abuse and addiction are also often linked to secondary social problems like crime and violence, which highlights the need for effective alleviation. This has sometimes led to the use of some controversial treatments for addiction. One such controversial treatment is ibogaine.

    Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance which occurs naturally and which is derived from the Iboga plant. It has been used for many years in West Africa for medicinal and ritual purposes by certain tribes. It is a hallucinogen that has psychedelic as well as dissociative properties.

    Some experiments have been done to test the effectiveness of using this substance to treat addiction to drugs like heroine, methamphetamine, cocaine and alcohol. Although some say that it is unlikely to become a substance of abuse, it has been banned in some countries. There is, however, work being done on the development of a derivative that lacks the hallucinogenic effects.

    Ibogaine was banned in the United States of America in the 1960s. This has vast implications on the scientific study of its uses, making it increasingly difficult to find accurate and reliable sources of information on the benefits and risks involved in the use of this controversial substance.

    A maj...

  • Once again the Amazon Rainforest is the source of a unique plant based item for use, Cupuacu Butter. The tree has loads of uses, wood is used for timber, the pulp is utilized for use in beauty products and the fruit is often used in juices, sweets and desserts. Described as tasting mainly like pear with an underlying hint of banana as well as having a unique fragrant similar to chocolate, this health substance is both pleasant and extremely effective.

    Pulp from the 20cm oblong fruit is what is typically used in cosmetics due to a increased water absorption capacity. Properties and chemical make up are the same as that of cholesterol. It works as an emulsion stabilizer and is mainly used for epidermal hydration.

    Every manufactured good that contain this plant, has noted increases in overall skin elasticity, and hydration. Natural anti-inflammatory agents are also present allowing usage in medicinal purposes. Additionally the actuality that this emulsion is capable of liquefying at a very low heat, allows for easy application and absorption.

    Although not marketed as a sun protection, proven absorption of harmful UVs have been noted. When the butter is added into the formulae for a body cream or product it acts as a thickening and stabilizing agent. This ability along with its oil soluble propensity makes it perfect for bringing into play when making health and beauty products.

    Large amount of care needs to be taken when storing and transporting this ingredient, as it can be...

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