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Gregg Zukowski

New York, NY, United States

Managing Director, Revolution

Member since October 17, 2007

Revolution executes eco-accountable logistics & promotional solutions. Maximizing the power and ingenuity of people—as opposed to fossil fuels and the like—Revolution delivers its services primarily via its fleet of high-capacity British-crafted work trikes. Our two divisions, Revolution Rickshaws and Revolution Cargo Couriers, focus on people-moving & promotional solutions delivered via pedicab and light trucking courier solutions delivered via cycle van, respectively.

RR: • Event transport & promotional solutions • Central Park & Midtown tours with licensed tour guides • Eco-livery (corporate accounts for Manhattan transfers welcome) • Work-trike rentals, sales, and service

RCC • On-demand light trucking courier solutions • Carbon-neutral product distribution • Promotional mobile branding & delivery solutions

Write to, call 212.239.3491, or visit to raise productivity for your business while expanding its carbon-neutral footprint or explore partnerships with us today!

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This utopian pursuit is infantile, at best; a horrifying waste of human energy, at worst. The ecolog...

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New York City Pedicab Owners' Association, New York Messenger & Courier Association

Eco-Accountable Logistics & Promotions

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