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    Purchasing and owning a home is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make, and no doubt you’ll have many questions regarding the process. First-time buyers enjoy some special privileges and opportunities.

    Some banks will offer first-time buyers a bond above 100% to help you cover the transfer and legal costs as well as the purchase price. And almost all institutions now offer a 30 year bond repayment period, to make the monthly costs more accessible, an option which banks created specifically for first-time buyers.

    Make that very clear on your application that you’re a first-time buyer.

    It is a general rule, make a quality purchase, buying a house is a big decision so you have to decide wisely. When house hunting you can follow this tips.

        Take a digital camera with you when house-hunting. Having photographs in front of you will help you recall specific details of each         home you see – which is particularly useful if you’re viewing up to six homes in a single day.
        Write down key points about each home you see as you’re inspecting it. In particular, record its size, special features, design and         other factors which may influence your decision.
        Take note of the area and its surrounds. Is the house close to all amenities, or is it in a remote location? Would you be happy to live in         that particular neighborhood?
        When you’ve narrowed down your options, ask to view the homes you like best a second time. This will hel...