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Dorothy Moore

United States

Member since January 05, 2013

  • What’s up in the world of running shoes?, Blogger



    international newport group Running shoes are very personal -- a matter of inconvenience for the shoe companies that must produce them for the masses. Many stores dedicate major equipment and man hours to helping customers pick the right shoes, based on their particular gaits and anatomies. But there are some truths that apply to us all -- or at least some basic decisions and requirements: Do you want extra support or a more barefoot feel? Are you comfortable wearing neon pink, the fitness industry's near universal gendered color designation? The Newport International Group Runway Barcelona Spain decided to try six of the new models from top sports companies to see what’s up in the world of running shoes: I have a very normal, straight gait. No injuries, no major anatomical considerations to be made. I have high arches and small feet, narrow ankles and though I've traditionally run in the bigger, foamier running shoes of yore, I'm beginning to shift slightly toward the cross-over "barefoot" style models that have popped up in the past few years…


    international newport group

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