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  • Attorney Mario Madrid Fraud Charge Defense

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    Houston Fraud Attorney

    When you have been accused of fraud, the charge can seem quite complicated. There are many different types of fraud in Houston, each with its own definition and its own set of penalties. It is essential to hire a Houston fraud attorney when facing a fraud charge so that you can understand the type of fraud you are being charged with and what penalties you will be facing.

    Various Types of Fraud

    The criminal charge of fraud covers a variety of crimes. The following are the different types of fraud charges that that one can arrested for:

    • Check Forgery • Credit Card Fraud • Credit Fraud • Identity Theft

    Check forgery is charged when:

    • You steal an unsigned check with the intent of using it as if it were yours • You sign/fill in a check that does not belong to you and pass it off as if it was yours without the owner’s authorization • You can be charged with this offense just by possessing the check, even if you were not the one who stole it.

    Credit card fraud is charged when:

    • You use a credit/debit card you know has expired or been canceled. • You use a credit/debit card that does not belong to you without the owner’s permission • You possess a credit/debit card that does not belong to you and intend to use it • You buy, sell, or accept a credit/debit card that you know is stolen property • You convince someone who does not have the means to pay for something to use their credit/debit card to buy it

    Credit fr...

  • Scandinavian Banks, G-20 Meeting, Everbright: Compliance

    Scandinavia’s biggest banks have failed to curb funding risks linked to financial innovation and will probably only avoid downgrades if national regulators force through stricter measures, according to Standard & Poor’s.

    Steps taken to date by lenders including Denmark’s Danske Bank A/S (DANSKE) and Nykredit A/S, as well as Nordea Bank AB (NDA) and Svenska Handelsbanken AB (SHBA) in Sweden, aren’t enough, said Per Tornqvist, a Stockholm-based analyst at S&P. As competitive pressure “forces banks to maintain short-term funding,” regulators need to step in and help banks extend their funding maturities, he said.

    AAA-rated Scandinavia’s biggest banks are more vulnerable to funding shocks than their peers in the U.S., France and Italy, according to a July analysis by S&P, which measured liquidity risks five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. paralyzed the global financial system. The rating company criticized Nordic lenders’ practice of using funds as short as one year to finance loans as long as 30 years, as well as a reliance on short-term offshore borrowing.

    Swedish banks are more dependent on market funding than banks in most other countries, according to the Financial Supervisory Authority in Stockholm.

    In Denmark, home to the world’s largest mortgage bond market per capita, banks refinance as much as $228 billion annually, spread over quarterly auctions. About 50...

  • 'Debt peril' warning over interest rate rises

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    The number of families in "debt peril" could double over the next four years, a think tank has warned. The number of households spending more than half of their disposable income on debt repayments could hit 1.2 million, the Resolution Foundation says. This could happen if interest rates rise to 3.9% by 2017 and growth in household income is weak, it says. But this "worst-case scenario" is gloomier than most economists expect, the report concedes. The Bank of England's base rate is currently at an historic low of 0.5%. Recent comments from Mark Carney, the new Bank governor, suggest that bank base rates are not likely to rise any time soon, and current market expectations are that they will increase to about 1.9% by 2017.

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    Income squeeze Matthew Whittaker, senior economist at the Resolution Foundation and the report's author, said: "There is now the real prospect that a large number of households already burdened with debt could collapse under its weight if economic conditions tighten. "If the squeeze on household incomes continues, Britain could be left in a fragile position, with even moderate additional increases in interest rates leading to a major surge in families with dangerous debt levels - especially among worse-off households." Under a best-case scenario, where interest rates rise by current expectations and household income growth is strong, 700,000 households will still be spending more than 50% of their ...

  • cruse and associates accounting

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    Our high quality of personal service is our pride here in Cruse and Associates. Our firm is a dynamic and well -recognized through our group of professional across the world. Our Partners and Executives have a wide-ranging international and varied experience- our one of the best ways in providing a very inclusive and global demand of service.

    We offer a range of high-quality of services such as audit, taxation, accounting services, corporate recovery, individual and corporate insolvency, receiverships, company secretarial, management consulting, corporate finance advices, investigation, expert witness and due diligence and well as other accounting related services.

    Our goal is to serve our clients that are in accordance with the growing demand of business industries, coupled with our set of professionals through their own course expertise. We alter our services for our clients in a way which would help them to progress their financial performance, capitalize on opportunities for growth and manage risks.

    We also aim to broaden our endeavor into an approach of achieving our clients full potential and well as their objectives.

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