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Shelly Shaver

Orlando, FL, United States

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  • The Basis To Worldwide Energy Conservation May Be The LED Light Panel

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    As creatures competing for a place in the ecosystem of earth, humans are not gifted with many special physical talents. As has always been the case, they had to think their way to safety and prosperity, and this cause was vastly improved with the concept of energy. The newest iteration of power use for success may well be the LED light panel.

    From the earliest of days, indigenous people have used fuels to make the land more habitable and to prepare foods. While the choices of fuels were limited, there was an abundance of wood in the form of trees. People became so adept at turning trees into food and homes that it led to the downfall in some advanced groupings, and so began the connection between energy and consequences.

    While our companies providing energy are quick to reassure a skeptical consuming public that there are plenty of reserves remaining to keep us thriving for decades to come, the proverbial writing is on the wall. Two complementary paths forward mark the best process for a prudent humanity. There must be a serious search for sustainable alternative energy sources, and the the inexhaustible hunger for more power must be curbed.

    Sadly, the days of reliance on this resource from the earth are in fact numbered, and the only responsible course of action is to find a substitute. There are other technologies which have been around for a long time but have not been cost effective. The ease with which fossil fuels could be extracted processed delivered and used made all other possibilities prohibitively expensive.

    The dividends for this kind of development are growing and the pace of increasing fuel consumption is decreasing. Unfortunately, the least polluting means to create power are the most expensive, and for developing nations they are not an easy solution. It is somewhat hypocritical for developed nations to take the we did it but you cannot attitude, this must be a global sum effort.

    As with most technologies target for improvement, the ancillary pieces get their fair of improvement as well. Take for example the regular incandescent bulb used on nearly every structure built on earth. Unchanged fro over a century, it was ripe for improvement, and the rewards for doing so are also helpful in the thirst for power, the less used for luminescence the more that can be used in other areas.

    A major step forward came with the development of energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. These bulbs, still sporting a standard base, could now be mass produced that provided luminescence at a fraction of the cost. An added bonus is that these new bulbs lasted much longer than their incandescent cousins.

    But in an even greater step forward, emitting diodes were created and represent an enormous possibility. Using a tenth the amount of power, they are so efficient electric companies could give them to their customers and still make money. They are flexible, durable and when used in an LED light panel can produce all the night visibility society could ever need.

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