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Leticia Credidio

London, United Kingdom


Member since October 16, 2007

  • DATA (Designers Against Tibetan Abuse)

    Peace, Communication Design


    "As designers we have a social obligation to raise awareness of the horrors that less fortunate people face. Tibet has been illegally occupied by China since 1950 and yet only recently with the Olympic Torch fiasco have these attrocities been recognised by the popular radar..."

    "...Please note that this society does not condolne the discrimination or slander of any race, especially the Chinese, as many people of the Chinese race themselves have no idea what has been going on. Thus the sole purpose of this society is to raise awareness of the facts and not to make judgement upon anyone, let alone discriminate against them..."

    DATA is currently working on its first project, collaborating with some of the most renowned designers, illustrators, digital artists, photographers and motion designers to create a book.

    Some confirmed participants are:

    Adhemas Batista, Alex Trochut, Bram Timmer, David Carvalho (Karpa) Greig Anderson, Pawel Nolbert (hellocolor), Pete Harrison (Aeiko), Mike Harrison (Destill), Si Scott, Justin Maller (superlover and depthcore), Diogo Potes (six letter word) etc.

    Although at this moment in time, participants for the book in project 1 are by invite only.

    DATA is also currently looking for designers to volunteer to make a functioning website. If you are interested please contact:


    More i...

  • EcoMag - Call for Submissions

    Communication, Environmental Design


    EcoMag will be a Pdf magazine about art, design & sustainability. EcoMag aims to foster whole systems thinking and help create an alternative cultural vision that can drive transformational change to meet the goals of a fully sustainable society.

    Each issue will focus on a tool and a theme - as they relate to questions at the heart of our environmental crisis and pathways for change. The tool will be a design tool (i.e. a method, a set of practices, or a concept) that can be applied to any relevant theme. The theme (an issue, a sector, or a system) can be explored with any design or artistic method. We will also write a short article on each tool and theme under exploration.


    Tool1: Scenario Planning

    Scenario planning is a method for learning about the future by understanding the impact of important driving forces affecting our world. The scenario planning process involves thinking about the future by developing stories about varying future scenarios. The goal is to craft a number of diverging stories by extrapolating uncertain and heavily influencing driving forces. The process widens our perception of possible future events, builds useful dialogues about the future, and helps to develop a ‘prospective mind’. How can this tool be used to engage with the powerful driver of change that is climate change? EcoMag invites artists & designers to help us explore future scenarios.

    Theme1: Economics

    How can design inform our understanding of macro-economi...

  • Green Awards

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design

    Good opportunity for individuals and companies to exhibit ethical, sustainable and ecological projects published commercially.

    The submissions deadline is 10 September 2008

  • Interesting AOI symposium in London

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    The 'Re-drawing the Line' symposium will take place June 5 2008 at the London College of Communication, Elephant & Castle, 10:30 – 17:30.

    Re-drawing The Line is a one-day conference open to professional illustrators, designers, artists and creatives from related industries, as well as students, offering presentations, cross-disciplinary panel discussions and debate on contemporary topics and trends that are shaping the industry.

    Main themes of discussion:

    Applying labels: Categorising your professional practice With colleges increasingly taking a multi-disciplinary approach to the creative process, is the term ‘illustrator’ becoming a limiting description of your working practice? Are you proud to call yourself an ‘illustrator’? Is illustration enjoying the same status as say graphic design or fine art?

    Emerging Markets: With illustration enjoying a resurgence in popularity and the digital revolution being the most important development in illustration over the past decade. What are the current trends shaping our industry and the new opportunities open to illustrators? How long is the current renaissance in illustration set to last?

    Drawing the line: Addressing climate change & the ethical debate in illustration With sustainability and the eco-issue affecting all areas of our lives, what role are illustrators and graphic designers taking in addressing climate change? How will illustrators rise to the challenge? And, do illustrators need to adopt a more ...

  • Reduce your waste

    Environment, Communication Design


    I took this shot in Islington, north London, few weeks ago. It is a great initiative to include the suggestion “Reduce your waste. Choose products with less packaging” as part of the design of the truck.

    We all know that by embellishing the package the probabilities of generating sale increases. However, there is no excuse to overuse plastic and cardboard. For example, I recently found in a popular supermarket a small full-colour cardboard container of a 45p chewing-gum wrapped by a delicate plastic protection. Are we inducing clients and customers to use and waste more material?

    It is our job as designers to add value to products not by including unnecessary material but by communicating effectively with simplicity and consideration to the amount of rubbish a single product can cause.

"Make a difference not an appearance"

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