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Bas van Lier

Amsterdam, Netherlands

director socially responsible design

Member since October 16, 2007

  • Learn English and donate rice



    Doing good while enriching oneself as well. Maybe it is old news for some of you, but I mention it anyway because the idea is so great. FreeRice is a website with an English language game. Each good answer is awarded with 10 grains of rice for the UN World Food Program.

    The FreeRice game asks the player each time to choose the right synonym for difficult English words like dystopia, truncheon or lithe. The right answer fills 10 grains of rice in a rice bowl on the right. Between 7 October and 25 November already over 3,8 billion rice grains have been collected. We added a few thousend already at our studio too. Paid for by friendly advertisers like Time, Fujitsu and Apple that are displayed very modestly. What a worldly idea!

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