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Taylor Austin



Member since December 21, 2012

  • Global_warming_carbondioxid_177_

    The Energy Collective | Over the last decade, progressives have successfully painted conservative climate skepticism as the major stumbling block to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Exxon and the Koch brothers, the story goes, fund conservative think tanks to sow doubt about climate change and block legislative action. As evidence mounts that anthropogenic global warming is underway, conservatives’ flight from reason is putting us all at risk.

    This week's release of a new United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report opens another front in the climate wars. But beneath the bellowing, name-calling, and cherry-picking of data that have become the hallmark of contemporary climate politics lies a paradox: the energy technologies favored by the climate-skeptical Right are doing far more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions than the ones favored by the climate-apocalyptic Left.

    Dig Dipper into: Green Energy and Ecological Management

    How much more? Max Luke of Breakthrough Institute ran the numbers and found that, since 1950, natural gas and nuclear prevented 36 times more carbon emissions than wind, solar, and geothermal. Nuclear avoided the creation of 28 billion tons of carbon dioxide, natural gas 26 billion, and geothermal, wind, and solar just 1.5 billion.

    Environmental leaders who blame "global warming deniers" for preventing emissions reductions point to Germany's move away from nuclear and to renewables. "Germany is the one big countr...

  • Tangled_web_of_international_relation_177_

    Hilary Stauffer | Last week’s G20 summit (a periodic confab of the world’s top 20 industrialised economies, plus assorted special guests and hangers-on) was overshadowed by the spectre of Syria.

    Hosted in St Petersburg by Russia, which currently holds the rotating presidency, the summit’s key objective (per the official program) was ‘fostering strong, sustainable and balanced economic growth’. But almost all the media reports about the meeting were focused on Syria and the persistent drumbeats of war.

    The possibility of another Mideast military escapade has understandably captured the world’s attention. However, reporters and commentators couldn’t help a bit of gleeful mischief-making in highlighting the uncomfortable interactions between Russian president Vladimir Putin and his stalwart frenemy, US President Barack Obama. Russia’s patronage of Syria is presently a major undercurrent of their mutual apathetic animosity, as is Russia’s decision to offer temporary asylum to NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

    What’s happening: Environmental News, Asia-Pacific Steam Turbines Market

    The summit ended with competing press conferences by various world leaders; prompted by sharp questions from the press corps, each leader strived to say that all other parties present shared his view on ‘what to do’ about Syria, although it was clear that nothing definitive had been decided. On the final day of the summit, the White House released a statement jointly endorsed by 11 of ...

  • TUMBLR | ( NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is seeking asylum all over the world, and now one of those countries is furious with the U.S. Bolivia's president was at a meeting in Russia, and had an extra-long flight home thanks to what his government calls lies from our State Department.

    The Bolivian president's plane was grounded in Austria... After France and Portugal refused to let him fly through their airspace amid rumors that Edward Snowden was on that plane. Bolivia's furious, saying the U.S. was behind those rumors. Snowden has applied for asylum in Bolivia, and nearly two dozen other countries.

    Crown Int’l relations facebook page

    The State Department has been on the phone urging them all to say no. "We have been very clear, and we feel the same way today, that he should be returned here," said State Department Spokeswoman, Jen Psaki. Analysts say pressure from the U.S. may derail Snowden's efforts. "We are the big guy on the block so if we start having sanctions[,] it could have a profound effect on those countries," said Former Ambassador to Egypt, Israel & the UAE, Edward Walker. Meantime Snowden's latest leak - that the U.S. bugged its allies' phones has led to a top-down search at the European Union.

    Technicians are checking for wires, and leaders demanding answers. "If these news are proven true, this would be very disturbing and raise serious and very important concerns," said European Commission President Jose M...

  • Crown-capital-management-jakarta-indonesia_177_

    Compilation of environmental articles and issues gathered all over the world. The company works with government bodies, international entities, private sectors and other non-governmental organizations in providing extensive information to the public, media and policymakers that are involved in addressing environmental issues and sustainable initiatives in a worldwide scale. Here’s one of the eye opening news of the site.

    Crown Eco Capital – What fossil fuel really does to America? >> Fossil fuels—coal; oil, and natural gas—are America’s primary source of energy. The America’s annual consumption of fossil fuels grown rapidly; 89 % of this consumption are consumed by boilers, transportation, residential usage, fuels for direct heating of process. The balance is used for feed-stocks, raw materials, and other miscellaneous uses. And most of the dirty fuels such as coal and residual oil go into boilers. Fuels burned are by far the largest single source of air pollution. This pollution is from sulfur oxide. It is also a significant source of particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. Boiler combustion is sufficiently important to warrant the effort to analyze the complete nature of the problems.

    For fossil fuels, various combination of consuming sectors and type of fuel, have independent significant and insignificant environmental consequences. Boilers have three different types, the atertube, firetube and cast iron therefore to determine the overall pollution du...

  • OEH's management of risk is a crucial component of its strategic management and corporate governance framework. The agency adopts a balanced approach to its management of risk. This means that although all risks are identified and addressed, the primary focus is on controlling those activities with a high and medium risk. In addition, the resources and controls applied to address risks should be commensurate to the significance of those risks.

    Overview: This Fraud and Corruption Prevention Strategy sets out the fraud and corruption prevention policies and procedures followed by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH). It details OEH's approach to the prevention, detection, reporting and investigation of fraud and corruption. It also identifies current activities that may be susceptible to fraud and corruption, and provides strategies for better management and control of those activities.

    Apart from the legal consequences of fraud and corruption, improper acts have the potential to damage OEH's public image and reputation. Unresolved allegations can also undermine an otherwise credible position and reflect negatively on innocent individuals.

    Relationship with other policies and plans

    In addition to the Code of Ethical Conduct, this strategy has a close relationship with the following policies, plans and documents:

    1. Risk Management Policy
    2. Risk Management Procedures
    3. Audit and Compliance Program
    4. Protected Disclosures ...

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