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jody boehnert

london, United Kingdom

Designer / Creative Director

Member since October 14, 2007

  • The Green Awards

    Environment, Communication Design


    The Guildhall, London 26th October 2007

    The annual Green Awards aims to reward campaigns effective in raising awareness and promoting environmentally benign options; 'For creativity in sustainability'.

    As a vehicle to champion the best communication in the field of sustainability the awards have quickly (this is only their second year) established themselves as important marks of distinction in the industry. Sustainability presents the most serious challenge and the most important job for professional communicators so the kudos are well deserved to any who make the grade.

    The evening started out with some gravity (as is the norm at events with the environment as a focus) with a speech by FOE director Tony Jupiter. Shortly there after Mike Longhurst of McCann Erickson advertising was given the platform and announced 'that restraining consumption was a naive hope'. While restraining consumption is not an easy goal, an arrogance that assumes that we can defy an imperative of the natural world is typical of the world of advertising. We will not get ourselves out of this crisis if this kind of attitude prevails. This event must work harder at championing the ideas that it claims to represent.

    Nevertheless, most awards were well deserved and the event provides a good overview of the best practices in the industry. The Green Awards negotiates a highly charged arena in the world of advertising and the integrity of the judges and spokes-persons is critical. A good event that focuses on the positive.

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