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dan matutina

quezon city, Philippines

creative director, film maker, designer

Member since October 14, 2007

  • hmmm...


    In response to Are good products red?, posted by Marco Siebertz,
    in the thread Are good products red?

    this has alwayse been one of those issues that is difficult to decide upon, :) but here's my opinion anyway...

    the red campaign is definetly just a marketing campaign, i know that it gets millions of dollars to the poor people in Africa but i think it does it in a really weird way. im just saying weird because i cant find a word to describe it. it's just a weird model to utilize - using capitalism/consumerism to help other people. i mean the people who bought RED products, most of them dont purposely buy Product RED so they can help these people, they bought RED because it looks cool and different. and the mentality behind is what makes this drive sick. so does this mean that the poor people are dependent on how we spend money on luxurious stuff? i mean if these company really wanted to help they wouldve given half of the product cost to the fund... why just a tiny percentage?

    and imagine the marketing budget they give to these products, the marketing/advertising budget is way way higher than the amount they "share" to the poor people. and when you analyze this you realize that these products are just limited edition gadgets/accessories that benefits the companies and not the poor people they wanted to "help".

    there are people who will argue ( a lot of them do) that it doesnt matter if they intended to donate or not, the fact that it produced millions of dollars for Africa it's all good. now this statement is really wrong because it defeats the "purpose" (if they really had one) of the campaign - which is to bring awareness to consumers about the state of the 3rd world country and whatnot...

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