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dan matutina

quezon city, Philippines

creative director, film maker, designer

Member since October 14, 2007

  • Design to Make a Difference

    Communication, Communication Design


    Idea!s with Kape Isla present Design to Make a Difference. Design to Make a Difference is a venue for young designers (whether in fields of the arts, graphic design, architecture, photography or industrial design) to share their works and ideas among other designers, and possibly network and collaborate on projects that will hopefully result in positive change. It will serve as a platform for ideas, inspiration and action, encouraging a culture of creativity that aims for social impact.

    Program will run for approximately one-and-a-half-hours to two hours, with each speaker given 10 minutes to show his/her work, and briefly discuss their ideas. 6 speakers will be presenting , with an open forum at the end.

    Design to Make a Difference will be launched at the Philippine Coffee Board’s Coffee Festival, with a session that will begin at 7:30 PM on October 23 (Tuesday), at Kape Isla at Serendra.

    ———————————————- Presentors are:

    • ERIK MATTI screens TV spots that move people
    • DAN LICHAUCO builds a case for green architecture
    • ROCKY SANCHEZ talks about Campaigns Social Response
    • FARA MANUEL shows how it’s easy being green in graphic design
    • DAN MATUTINA talks about a youth-run design group for development organizations
    • TOMMY HAFALLA turns his lens on the preservation of the Cordillera cultures
  • hello world! :D

    Community, Communication Design

    I've been looking all over for websites on social and ethical design and by accident i saw the link for design 21. I've seen this link before but I didnt bother clicking it for reasons I cant remember... I'm mighty glad I clicked the link for this site that this time around . :D

    What made me google social design again was to look for recent conferences in social design, as our group Idea!s is mounting a presentation of sustainable and social design works from the different sectors of the creative industry here in the Philippines. People from advertising, architecture, graphic design etc. will give a slideshow of sample works and share it with other people. Idea!s is also tasked to present some of the successful campaigns we've made and current projects we're brewing for the nonprofit sector.

    Allow me to explain briefly what Idea!s do. Idea!s is a non-stock, non-profit organization run by a group of young creative professionals who simply want to make people aware of the great stuff people are up to nowadays. we provide multimedia communications solutions for development organizations. We construct strategically planned designs and materials that cater to the specific needs of cause-oriented organizations. by patronizing our services, our paying clients help us subsidize and support smaller organizations with their communications needs.

    Why development organizations? Because we believe in the positive change these organizations contribute to society. We believe these...

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