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Uxbridge, United Kingdom

product design student

Member since October 12, 2007

  • First of all, It is not my intention to discuss the quality of the work of any contestants. In 1604 entries there would definitely be million-dollar-worth logos and others of aspiring quality. My intention is to express my view on the whole situation around the outcome of the contest.

    This whole situation was horrendously handle. Apparently being in the public relations field does not necessarily means being able to handle delicate PR situations.

    Let me dissect Linda Lopez's arguments:

    1. "As marketing and visual communications professionals ourselves..." So you are... what about the pre-selection jury, are they not professional? According to the outcome brought by MCAINY-UNDPI they are not AS professional since their opinions (all 146 of them!) were discarded in favour of MCAINY-UNDPI opinion.

    2. "...being poor doesn't stop us from wanting the best". And definitely does not stop you from completely dis-considerate the work of Design 21 Pre-Selection Panel and of the 1604 designers/teams - including the 802 design team, because they did enter the contest agreeing to the rules that you, the Final-Round jury, decided to ditch. If you thought that the MCAINY-UNDPI opinion was under-represented in the pre-selection panel it was YOUR responsibility to negotiate that. That lack of foresight does not denote that much professionalism.

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    1. "Now what? We hoped the Design 21 jury would agree with us that excellence trumps c...

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