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Ampang, KL, Malaysia


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  • A bad Flu (short story)

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design


    A bad flu

    Marrianne is a girl who once got a flu because of the air-cond that was too cold. She had running nose and had to drink a few glasses of water. Marianne’s mother sent her to a doctor nearby and managed to get some medicine right after. The doctor advised that she should drink alot of water.

    Days had pass and still, Marrianne did’nt cure her flu by the medicine. She knew that her friends will miss her and she too was also missing them. She was hurt and lonely because she coudl’nt do what she wanted to do. She had to stay in bed, visit the doctor once a week and drink all the medicine. She wanted to puke though…..She read books while she lay-ed in bed and listened to music. She called some of her friends to tell her the homework. She drank 8 cups of water everyday and stopped drinking the medicine.She anyway hated it.

    Suddenly, one day, she was checked by another doctor. His name was Dr.Moore. He knew very well about sicknesses so he told her, “I guess you’ve got a cold but now its gone!” . Merrianne and her mother was amazed. She knew that she drank a ot of water. In her words, she thinks that “The simplest medicine can be the best, like water.

    Helena Zeidler

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