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Christopher Martin

United States

Member since December 18, 2012

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    In a fast phase world like ours, finding time for fun and leisure is hard and finding time for family is harder. Sometimes we are left with no choice. We are forced to leave our elderly family members in a nursing home or more popular as home for the aged.

    There is always two sides in a story, leaving elderly family member in a caring home has advantages and disadvantages. Number of senior citizens suddenly seemed to multiply since 1950’s. In 1900 the average life expectancy was forty-five, by 1950 the average life span was almost seventy years; the population has doubled but the number of people65 and over had quadrupled to become 8% of the total. In 1950’s more and more population of “retirees” are supposed to get their pensions. Due to this case, extended families are seemed to be an obligation, where elderly had to stay with their sons, daughters or grandchildren.

    People then began wondering how to accommodate this burden. They started taking about nursing homes, retirement houses, or apartments where they can leave their elderly. Golden years are supposed to have a positive connotation but now the phrase developed into a different meaning. Instead of the “golden years” being now, I a one’s old age golden refer to the good old days.

    Studies showed that people in developed countries are not only living longer, but also remain healthy for much of their lives, unlike in less d...

  • Springhill Group Home : How To Apply For Bank Loans

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    Nowadays, banks doors are seem to be close for the public because of the effects of unfettered credit card debt, housing foreclosures, and price increases on everything from a gallon of gas down to a can of sardines, bank loans are fast becoming a shrinking commodity due to economic downfall. The banking world is acting in response to the economic turmoil by tightening the reigns in the lending department.

    With the cards stacked up against many bank loan applicants and with the big chances of getting knocked back can seem prohibitively high, this became sour news to consumers and small businesses in need of additional funding.

    It may seem impossible so forget all the doom and gloom rather present a clear, compelling case, backed up by hard facts, you stand a great chance of getting the money you want. Banks are still also a business and they want to lend money to viable businesses alone. They will definitely lend you money if you can show them that your business can produce enough profit to prosper and you are able paying them back. It will also be a plus point if you have track record to point to.

    Being prepared is always the key, you will have a higher percentage of getting what you want if came prepared. You need to know exactly what you want before you start pitching for a bank loan because if you aren’t clear in your own mind what you want, tendencies are you will be turned down at once.

    You’ll need to present a credible business plan and be able to speak with...