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  • Goat India

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    Welcome to GROWERSINDIA Goat Farm, Home of Talassery, boer and talassery x boer crossbreed and sirohi breeds, Wherever The Focus is on Quality not Quantity. Our farm is established in belukurichi, namakkal-dt tamilnadu.

    We would like to invite you to can come into our Farm site and take a look about. Our Boer Goat Farm was begun in 2010 with the goal in mind to put together a herd of 50 boer breeding does and to provide sound quality registered breeding stock to the Boer Goat Industry.

    We started off with just a handful of does that were got locally from identified breeders We put in the last two years growing our herd from our main does. As we grew our herd, we culled nearly anything that did not produce the quality we were looking for and was lacking parasite resistance.

    We are the contributing Goat India. Indian farmers raise different variety of Goats depending on the temperature, quantity of resources and need of a farmer, while some raise for meat others raise for milk and manure. Goat Meat is preferred by many communities and countries for variety of reasons, mostly favorite in big crowd parties, Lean Meat diet for regular consumption, religious practices etc, there are very few good sized continuum Goat Farms which cater the demand. There is vast demand for Indian Goats overseas as well, Indian goats are desired over other regions due to the fact of their natural growth and quality of meat. In today's world SUPERIOR is something which every distributor would like t...

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