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Tony Sanchez

Albany, NJ, United States

Member since December 14, 2012

  • The Most Frequently Used Moving Supplies

    Well-being, Industrial Design

    All of the time we can find people that are moving for some reason or another. Having said this there are many different [moving supplies[( that can make this task far less trying. Let's take a look now at what some of those things are.

    One of the most important things people need when preparing to move is boxes. Small and large boxes are both essential. The small boxes are great when it comes to packing heavy items. Lightweight items can be packed in the boxes that are larger in size. Having a variety of sizes on hand can help relieve a lot of the anxieties people have when it comes to moving.

    Packaging tape is another must have when it is time to move. This is used to reinforce the bottoms of the boxes people use to eliminate the potential breaking of a box. Many people have gone without using this item finding themselves in the position of damaging or losing possessions due to a box not being properly reinforced and having the bottom break apart during the move.

    Using blankets is another important thing that can help save your belongings from damage. Draping them over furniture and pictures can help prevent them from getting dinged or scratched while in the truck. This is a very simple measure that can save people a lot of money as it will greatly reduce the chances of damage occurring.

    When packing fragile items or collectibles a lot of people will buy bubble wrap to ensure they do not break. This kind of wrap provides a barrier of protection...

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