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Abigail Doan

New York, New York, United States

Designer (Textile Design)

Member since September 25, 2007

  • Diet for a New America

    Environment, Fashion Design


    Corn-based PLA shirt - Silk moire skirt with PLA pleats - Two piece suite of hemp/lyocell with hemp/silk overcoat - Soy/bamboo/silk parachute dress - Bamboo "waterfall" dress with silk cocoon and pina trim - Organically pigmented bio-grain depoudre tuxedo jacket - Organically pigmented bio-silk gilet - Tea stained evening gown of sasawashi and peace silk...

    An organic fete for enlightened folk?

    It's the "ingredients list" for this past week's Earth Pledge FutureFashion show here in NYC. All sustainable fibers and textiles utilized by some of the world's top fashion designers.

    The show's designs are on view in the windows of Barneys New York on Madison Avenue until February 21st.

    Organic food used to be somewhat elite, too, but who knows - corn-based PLA or sasawashi might soon be coming to a grocer near you.

  • What to Wear to Fashion Week

    Environment, Fashion Design


    Another round of fashion week shows are upon us, and I will be attending several collections in order to assess the trend towards sustainable eco-fibers in garment production. I am not at all a fashionista, but given that I have an interest in textiles, environmental installation work, and the environment, this is an inevitable foray into territory that shares certain threads with my own practice.

    A friend asked me yesterday, "What I would wear to NY Fashion Week?", and honestly, the thought had not crossed my mind. Must one wear eco-fibers to an eco-oriented fashion show? Will folks know if I am wearing conventional cotton rather than organic cotton? Will I get extra point for sporting the new 'bamboob bra"?

    I think that I will wear an old Pucci knock-off dress, as this is as sustainable as I can get on short notice. Purely vintage and recycled from my mother-in-law's closet, it is totally sustainable or at least multi-generational, no?

    EarthPledge's FutureFashion show is really uppping the ante this year. All the big names are contributing a piece. I am so curious to see whether Givenchy will take on hemp? Or whether Marc Jacobs will play by the rules?

    Rodarte, the team that some are cailling the new Sustainable Sartorialists, also promise to put on quite the eco-fete.

    I am hoping that 'what to wear' also translates to 'what to be weary of' as we learn more and more about what constitutes real style and our shared runway with the best of nature.

  • Common Ground Touring Collection

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    My digital/mixed media work was recently selected from over 1,000 entries from 40 countries to be part of a touring collection created by Common Ground, a non-profit curatorial group that aims to merge digital art and environmental outreach work for the good of the planet.

    The touring exhibition of the 2008 Common Ground Collection will be displayed in galleries, museums, and universities beginning in the summer of 2008. An awards gala will be held at the opening of this touring schedule. This event will honor the artists featured in the 2008 collection as well as attempt tp raise awareness about selected environmental sustainability projects around the world.

    The exhibition will then move on to venues in Europe and North America through 2010.

    For more information, go to

  • Recent Press with the NRDC's OnEarth Magazine

    Arts & Culture, Environmental Design


    Knitting in a Winter Wonderland

    ISSUE: Winter 2008, frontlines | December 1, 2007

    Multimedia artist Abigail Doan, who divides her time between New York City and Siena, Italy, describes herself variously as a "geomorphic agent," an "environmental tinker," and an "art-farmer." She explains, "I create tactile maps, floating topographies, and in situ souvenirs that highlight the delicate nature of our environs and the degradation of spirit that results from our repeated abuse of natural resources and shared terrain." A bit of a mouthful, perhaps, but the results of her forays into the natural world are simple and beautiful: anything from drawings and photographs to sculptured bundles of vegetation, or, as here, the whimsical interplay of snow-covered branches and crocheted fiber.

  • Utrecht Manifest: 2nd Bienniale for Social Design

    Communication, Communication Design


    Utrecht Manifest is an international cultural biennial, which perceives contemporary developments in design and architecture from a social perspective.

    The biennial shows how architecture and design, in the past and present, have looked for answers to social and cultural questions connected to innovation, quality and sustainability.

    The biennial searches for connections between design, architecture and other cultural expressions such as film, theatre and literature, in order to stimulate the public and political debate. The aim is to reinforce the role of design and architecture in developing coherent agendas for social and cultural innovation.

    The biennial’s theme is Modernism’s legacy. At the start of the previous century, this movement in the arts, architecture and design formulated a new socially inspired aesthetics, based on modern, technological-industrial methods. After the critique of Postmodernism, does Modernism still exert influence? Is modernism’s social agenda still relevant?


  • Land Grab Online

    Environment, Environmental Design


    LAND GRAB ONLINE seeks to display artworks that explicitly address the naming and claiming of space.

    What does it mean to claim a piece of land today? Is it legitimate to desire a place of one’s own? As real estate prices skyrocket throughout the world, it is increasingly difficult to retain a space and place.

    LAND GRAB ONLINE welcome submissions including - but not limited to - issues of land ownership, real estate acquisitions, squatting on private or public property, citizenship and colonialism. The projects included for this online showing need not occupy actual space; they can also exist as virtual projects or as ideas for projects that may or may not be feasible in a physical location.

    Among other questions, LAND GRAB ONLINE aims to consider whether the possession, occupation or designation of a site alters the place itself. The project also aims to ponder what the place of art is in an increasingly global world where artists, like many others, are more and more on the move. Might some artists and artworks contradict such a tendency, perhaps expressing the desire to instead linger, settle and stay put?

    Visit for details.

  • Eco-Vis Challenge

    Environment, Communication Design


    A new competition that challenges designers to improve the visual representation of eco-statistics. Check out Eyebeam’s sponsorship of the Eco-Vis Challenge - you can submit an eco-icon or a graphic representation of a set of important environmental data.

    Deadlines are November 5th and December 8th.

    The Challenge

    1. Eco Icons

    Create one or many information graphics that could be used to make visible environmental / ecological concerns

    Thematically, these are icons that engage the politics of information and the persuasion of graphics. Examples of icons could include logos for web sites, stickers to place on objects or buildings, drawings/patterns to draw or stencil on to streets and buildings, stickers/tags that could be shopdropped in stores with information about the environmental impact of a product. You can invent a whole range of icons and their uses.

    The Eco Icons Challenge will end on Monday, November 5, 2007.

    1. Eco-Vis

    Create an eco-visualization based on at least one set of ecological impact data

    Your job as an “eco-visualizer” is to reveal hidden ways of thinking and to suggest alternative frameworks to a theme or various themes, and at least one data set. This could take the form of dynamic data visualization, a print graphic, a real-world intervention, or some other inventive form. The key is to create a greater understanding of the theme or data through clear and inventive design.

    The Eco-Vis Challenge will end on Saturday, December 8, 2007.


  • Green Museum Calendar 2008

    Environment, Audio/Visual Design


    Corte Madera, California- Through a unique collaboration with Amber Lotus Publishers,, an online museum of environmental art, is proud to announce its first Calendar: "Environmental Art 2008: Contemporary art in the Natural World". "To our knowledge, this is the first wall calendar to address the global environmental art movement and Amber Lotus is the first major calendar company to print the pages of all its wall calendars with 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper," says Sam Bower, Executive Director of "In terms of the medium and the message, it's a great partnership."

    The artworks featured in the Environmental Art 2008 wall calendar were drawn from the global archives of, a not-for-profit online museum of environmental art. The calendar provides a sampling of some of the latest developments in this field to stimulate the imagination and promote the role of art in the creation of a more sustainable world culture. "By calling attention to this work in a popular medium such as a calendar we hope to show more people what's possible and inspire the creation of new work," says Bower. A portion of the Calendar sales will go to support the work of

    Please visit to learn more about this movement and join us in the global effort to make what's good for our communities and ecosystems even better. The Environmental Art 2008 calendar is available for sale o...

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  • Industrial Design
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  • Communication Design
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