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  • 1324630864b6xop6_thumb_57

    Crown Capital Eco Management Org

    Well-being, Community, Environment

    raise awareness of our society on natural resources conservation

    2 Supporters

  • Img_landing_thumb_57

    Culture Unplugged

    Arts & Culture, Peace, Environment

    Culture Unplugged is a mission - a vision and aspiration to integrate disparate parts of the self and the global human society.

    2 Supporters

  • D-issueslogo_thumb_57


    Well-being, Environment, Poverty

    Design for Ecological and Social Development

    3 Supporters

  • Dd_thumb_57

    Deliver Darfur

    Aid, Peace, Poverty

    Promoting Advocacy and Awareness Worldwide for the Genocide Effected People of Darfur

    14 Supporters

  • Des1_thumb_57

    Design Aid

    Communication, Community, Aid

    Design Aid - the creative charity

    9 Supporters

  • Design_corps_avatar_thumb_57

    Design Corps

    Community, Poverty

    Creating positive change in communities, through design.

    5 Supporters

  • Dfd_logo_4b_thumb_57

    Design for Development

    Well-being, Community, Poverty

    Using design as a problem-solving tool to address issues in underserved areas of the world.

    16 Supporters

  • Dtm_logo_orange_sm_thumb_57

    Design that Matters

    Communication, Aid, Education

    Design that Matters creates new products that allow social enterprises in developing countries to offer improved services and scale more quickly.

    50 Supporters

  • Dt_totebag2_thumb_57

    Design Trust for Public Space

    Community, Arts & Culture, Environment

    Improving Public Space for all New Yorkers

    4 Supporters

  • Dwb-avatar_thumb_57

    Design without Borders

    Community, Environment, Poverty

    Design and designers can make a significant contribution towards a better and more sustainable society

    626 Supporters

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