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  • Step_into_action_logo__email__thumb_57

    Step Into Action

    Well-being, Education

    Step Into Action - Dr. Riley Senft's cross-Canada run, educating on the steps to early Prostate Cancer Detection

    2 Supporters

  • Sttwn_ton_thumb_57

    Stocktown Africa

    Communication, Arts & Culture

    STOCKTOWN AFRICA is a documentary portrait about the lively, creative and social contemporary culture blossoming in Africa's big cities today.

    1 Supporter

  • Sulha-peace-project-avatar-_thumb_57

    Rebuilding trust, restoring dignity and moving beyond the political agenda

    14 Supporters

  • Logo_jpg4_thumb_57

    Sustainable Sanitation Design

    Well-being, Environment, Poverty

    Sustainable Sanitation Design

    2 Supporters

  • See_logo_thumb_57

    Sweat Equity Enterprises

    Community, Arts & Culture, Education

    Sweat Equity Enterprises is an organization that is devoted to teaching at-risk urban youth 21st century skills through design education.

    3 Supporters

  • Thumbnail-placeholder

    SWERA Pakistan

    Communication, Community, Poverty


    1 Supporter

  • Aja_thumb_57

    The AjA Project

    Arts & Culture, Education

    The AjA Project is a nonprofit organization that utilizes photography-based educational programs to transform the lives of displaced youth.

    1 Supporter

  • Cue_thumb_57

    The Center for the Urban Environment

    Community, Environment, Education

    Dedicated to educating individuals about the built and natural environment

    9 Supporters

  • Tcp-small-logo57x57_thumb_57

    The Climate Project

    Well-being, Environment

    Answer the save our planet and our way of life from the ever-growing climate crisis.

    12 Supporters

  • Creative_coalition_avatar_thumb_57

    The Creative Coalition

    Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

    The Premier Nonprofit, Nonpartisan Social and Political Advocacy Organization of the Entertainment Industry

    18 Supporters

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