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    Communication, Environment, Education

    News, Event, Article and Resource for industrial design

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    INDEX: Design to Improve Life

    Well-being, Aid, Environment

    INDEX: works globally to promote and apply both design and design processes that have the capacity to improve the lives of people worldwide.

    8 Supporters

  • Itac_avatar_thumb_57

    ITAC helps New York City companies identify and hone their competitive advantage

    1 Supporter

  • Iisdlogo_thumb_57

    Institute of International Social Development

    Community, Arts & Culture, Poverty

    An international organization, based in India, striving to build a better world and contribute towards the vision of ‘One Earth One Family’.

    23 Supporters

  • Inf_thumb_57

    International Neuroscience Foundation

    Well-being, Communication, Education

    Information services that will enhance treatment options for people with diseases of the head, neck, brain and spine.

    11 Supporters

  • Just_the_i_thumb_57

    Investors' Circle

    Well-being, Community, Environment

    Patient Capital for a Sustainable Future

    14 Supporters

  • Japan_society_avatar_thumb_57

    Japan Society

    Communication, Arts & Culture, Education

    Bringing people of Japan and the United States closer together through programming in the arts, business, education and public policy.

    17 Supporters

  • Jaany-avatar-web_thumb_57

    Japanese American Association of New York

    Community, Arts & Culture, Aid

    JAA is a volunteer organization serving the community with close relations with the New York City and the Metropolitan Tokyo Government.

    3 Supporters

  • Joeys_corner_thumb_57

    Joey's Corner

    Well-being, Communication, Arts & Culture

    A non-profit design firm dedicated to other non-profits through graphic design services.

    2 Supporters

  • Jordan_thumb_57

    Jordan Carlson's 720 Mission to Cure Breast Cancer is a three month initiative, featuring charity walks in twelve cities across the United States.

    5 Supporters

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