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The Avanti Group Tokyo Japan

The Avanti Group Tokyo Japan

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  • Warning to businesses as fraud bill hits £85bn, The Avanti Group PR Code81345782170



    The British economy is losing £85.3bn every year to fraud, according to a new report.

    The estimate is far higher than official estimates and highlights the damage fraud is causing to the UK economy. Accountancy firm BDO, which compiled the research, said fraud remains a “challenging and expensive problem” which leads to “less financially stable and profitable companies” as well as “reduced job security and lower disposable incomes for us all”.

    The report is being published just days after 12 men were arrested for allegedly trying to take control of Santander’s computers to steal millions of pounds from the bank.

    BDO said the report is one of the most detailed studies in the world about the total cost of fraud.

    The UK figure has been calculated by studying fraud data from around the world over the last 15 years and establishing what percentage of the world’s GDP is being lost to fraud.

    The report says that 5.47pc of GDP is now being lost to fraud, up by 20pc compared with the average loss of 4.57pc between 1997 and 2007…

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The Avanti Group is an equity research house providing research and analysis outsourcing solutions for institutional financial traders world wide.

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