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The Avanti Group Tokyo Japan

The Avanti Group Tokyo Japan

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  • Andrew Taylor and Marcus Hill of The Avanti Group Attend 2013 Applied Finance Conference

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    May 18, 2013 - Tokyo, Japan –

    Senior Vice-President Andrew Taylor and Head of Principal Investments Marcus Hill attended the recently held 2013 Applied Finance Conference of the Financial Management Association International (FMA) on May 17, 2013 at St. John’s University (Manhattan Campus), New York City.

    This third annual Applied Finance Conference was co-sponsored by St. John’s University, Journal of Applied Science and Alois J. theis Endowment in Global Finance. The one-day event featured high-quality research presentations on the theme “The New World of Global Finance, Markets, Investments and Risk Management”. FMA also offered innovative and insightful approaches to contemporary issues on finance.

    Founded in Tokyo in 2003, The Avanti Group is an equity-research house that provides research and analysis-outsourcing solutions for institutional financial traders globally. Its success hinges on its successful method of identifying undervalued investment instruments through data collection, review & analysis techniques, and trend identification.

    The Conference gave opportunity for Avanti professionals to gain fresh research information and strategies on finance and investment from other financial managers so as to maintain the company’s excellent service to its institutional clients. Its limited service in portfolio advisory management will stand to gain as the company seeks to enhance its public relations program through such interaction with other practitioners.

    Contact Information

    3-11-4 Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan Contact Name: Akemi Avanti Email: Telephone: + 81 345 782 170 Fax: +81 367 012 906 Website:

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The Avanti Group is an equity research house providing research and analysis outsourcing solutions for institutional financial traders world wide.

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The Avanti Group Tokyo Japan

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