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Abney and Associates Hong Kong

Abney and Associates Hong Kong

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  • James Carter, VP, and Marcus Dawson, Investment Head, of Abney Associates to Attend Symposium on Financial Stability in Hong Kong

    Community, Communication Design

    March 15, 2013 - Hong Kong -- James Carter, Senior Vice-President, and Marcus Dawson, Head of Investment, of Abney Associates are attending the Financial Stability symposium sponsored by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority on May 30, 2013 at the Two International Finance Center, Auditorium, 56/F, 8 Finance Street, Central HK.

    The two main topics in the program include: first, The Interactions of Micro- and Macro-Prudential Policies and, second, Governance for Financial Stability. Under the first, differences in macro- and micro-prudential policies will be discussed with subsequent discussions on the borders of macro-prudential policies. Within the second topic, the role of rule and discretion in financial stability policy making will be taken up. Efficient and effective governance arrangements for financial stability policies will also be discussed as well as the pros and cons of different institutional arrangements?

    Abney Associates professionals’ participation in this symposium aligns with their desire to improve the company’s capability to provide excellent services with integrity and of ethical standards through interacting with other individuals and groups involved in finance and investment. They continue to offer a wide range of solutions customized according to their clients’ objectives and based on well-researched information. Growth and stability are primary considerations the company upholds on behalf of their clients and society in general.

    The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, through its Institute of Monetary Research (HKIMR). conducts research on matters related to monetary policy, finance and banking particularly on issues relevant to Hong Kong and the Asia Region. One of its main objectives is to contribute to the “policy analysis of strategic issues affecting financial developments in Asia.”

    Abney Associates supports the organizers’ objective to provide a stable framework for Asian investors and policy-makers to view and analyze local and global financial issues that bear upon the financial health of Asian nations and neighboring economic regions. This shared vision is in keeping with the company’s goal of “building wealth for clients through creating global brands”.

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