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  • Reputation is the key word. In fact, online digital reputation has never been more important. While a few years ago much of our personal information was still considered private, today cyber security expose more information about our lives than ever before. While many people don’t think much about having a “digital reputation,” especially in purchasing products online, information about almost all adult worldwide can be found online.

    Based from the survey conducted by ORC International, results have shown more than 89% of consumers research articles online before making a buying decision, while, 87% of them agree that a favorable review has confirmed their decision to purchase.

    And while our real life reputation is largely defined by us through our interactions with others, our online digital reputation defines how people perceive us – without ever having a single conversation. The fact is, a digital reputation can be incorrect, it may present only partial information and it might even allow for slander and online attacks to define us for others. Translating your brand’s personality onto the web can be tricky, so here is our list of five simple steps that can help you get started.

    1: Match your offline and online personas: When you’re creating a Facebook page or a Twitter account, it should match your brand’s personality in the real world. Choose a design language (colors, shapes, textures, fonts) that represents your brand’s image. Next, ask yourself which s...

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