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Energy Efficient Behavior Blog

Energy Efficient Behavior Blog


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  • Counting Energy Savings from Behavior – Can it be done?

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    Behavior-based energy management programs for commercial and institutional buildings have come a long way since the 1970s. Back then I was a young engineer working for a consulting engineering firm. I remember the countless energy audits consisting of building walk-throughs and building operator interviews. Our goal was to identify both energy asset improvement projects as well as changes in building operations which would result in energy savings. Results for each were always summarized in separate tables within the energy audit write-up. Typically a client would implement several of the asset projects depending on available funding. However the behavioral components (changes in how the buildings were being run) rarely saw the light of day.Flash forward to today.We now know with certainty that behavior-based energy management programs work. We know what components are necessary for a program to be effective; we know how the components fit together and we know how to measure overall organizational energy savings and program success. We also know that many organizations are interested in engaging their people through an energy behavior program. These organizations may even have a sustainability officer or energy manager, who realizes that saving energy by changing behavior is inexpensive, reduces costs, provides good PR and is the right thing to do.As many states work through how to mee...

Energy Efficient Behavior Blog

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Energy Efficient Behavior Blog

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