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The Haney Group Hong Kong

The Haney Group Hong Kong


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    Radiation levels continue to cause concern as plant operator's ability to deal with the situation is questioned.

    The Japanese government will take prompt, comprehensive steps to clean up the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant amid growing concerns about the plant operator's ability to handle it, the country's prime minister has said.

    Shinzo Abe said on Monday that his government will step forward to take all necessary steps to handle the legacy of the March 2011 nuclear disaster.

    He said the government will draw up a fundamental plan to do so "quickly."

    Tokyo Electric Power Co, or Tepco, said at the weekend that radiation near a tank holding highly contaminated water at the plant had jumped 18-fold, to a level that could kill an exposed person in four hours.

    Abe's cabinet is likely to discuss this week funding for the Fukushima clean-up after a series of revelations about leaks of radioactive water at the coastal plant, according to Tadamori Oshima, who heads the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's taskforce on post-disaster reconstruction.

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  • Quarks of China’s Banks- Forum.thefreedictionary

    Communication, Communication Design Last week, two major discoveries were announced. First, physicists found compelling evidence that dark matter—which comprises some 95% of the universe, yet has never been directly seen or observed—may in fact be positrons, the detritus of colliding energy. Just as worms leave digested matter behind as proof they exist, electrons and antimatter leave behind positrons. Physicists are overjoyed at this significant discovery. As they see things, it clearly justifies the billion-dollar spectrometer aboard the International Space Station. The other discovery from last week came in Asia, where it was found that China’s foreign exchange reserves have reached an all-time high of $3.4 trillion. Western scientific economists, who have also been on a search—for where all the world’s stimulus money went—were horrified. Or perhaps gratified. There are two ways to weaken and kill something. One is to starve it of nutrients, cut off its calorie support and watch it wither away. The other is to force-feed it until it becomes toxic from excess calories that become fat. This overfeeding results in morbidity. It appears the West will attempt to kill the Chinese economy the latter way. China was just handed a credit downgrade by Fitch. If you read between the lines it was because they have too much liquidity, too much cash. The result: every other Chinaman is in the loan business. The official ter...

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