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    Denne uken, er tre mote og klær aksjer bedre deres generelle karakterer på porteføljen Grader. Hver av disse aksjer er vurdert en "A" ("sterk kjøp") eller "B" generelle ("Kjøp").

    Wolverine World Wide, Inc. (NYSE:WWW) gjør fremskritt denne uken som sin vurdering av C ("hold") fra forrige uke øker en b ("Kjøp") rangering denne uken. Wolverine World Wide er en designer, produsent og markedsfører av en rekke kvalitet casual sko, robuste utendørs og arbeidet sko. I porteføljen veiskrapens spesifikke underkategorier av inntektene overraskelse og egenkapital får WWW også A For mer informasjon, kan du få portefølje veiskrapens fullstendig analyse av WWW lager.

    Dette er en sterk uke for Iconix Brand Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ikon). Selskapets vurdering klatrer til B fra den forrige ukes C. Iconix Brand gruppe er en brand management selskap som er engasjert i lisensiering, markedsføring og gir trend retning for flere eide merkevarer. For mer informasjon, kan du få portefølje veiskrapens fullstendig analyse av IKONET lager.

    Zuoan mote (NYSE:ZA) viser solid forbedring denne uken. Selskapets vurdering stiger fra en C til en B. Zuoan engasjerer seg i design og distribusjon av mote menswear. For mer informasjon, kan du få portefølje veiskrapens fullstendig analyse av ZA lager.

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    Long before she devised the dazzling “Impressionism, Fashion & Modernity” exhibition that, since late June, has been transporting visitors to the Art Institute of Chicago to some of the most ravishing streets, parks, theaters, homes and dressing rooms of 19th century Paris, Gloria Groom was known for displaying her own sense of artful dressing.

    With her wild hair pinned haphazardly atop her head, and her mix-and-match outfits assembled from vintage, designer and inexpensive knockoffs, Groom has had a bohemian chic that has long set her apart from the many men-in-suits at the museum. Yet no one has been distracted by the stylish window-dressing. This summer, Groom had the distinction of being named the Art Institute’s first “senior curator” — an acknowledgment of “her significant contributions to the museum and her exemplary work across the range of curatorial responsibilities.”

    So what are the elements of Groom’s personal style? After strolling through the exhibition (where, as a friend cannily observed, “We know these Impressionist paintings as things unto themselves, but then out of the blue we see the 3-D objects — the dresses, shoes, hats, gloves, corsets — that make you ask, ‘Which is more real?’”), I sat down with Groom to talk fashion.

    Q. Were you obsessed with fashion from childhood?, A. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in what was very much a Sears, Roebuck family. But I sewed, and studied a bit of fashion design, and made ho...

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    Færre kunder Se behovet for at opgradere deres smartphones, problemer forude for Samsung og Apple

    Det lader til, at færre folk opgraderer deres smartphones som de ukvantificerbare 'wow' faktor begynder at falme og forbrugerne bliver mindre forelsket med de never ending trinvise forbedringer mellem en smartphone model og næste.

    Ifølge ny forskning fra UBS AG de satser, hvormed amerikanske smartphone brugere har opgraderet til de nyeste modeller er faldende. Faldet i 2012, når 9 procent færre kunder opgraderet, og det er sat til at falde igen i år.

    Dette er et stort problem for håndsæt fabrikanter som Samsung, Motorola og Apple. Disse virksomheder har enormt nydt eksplosiv salget af smartphones i USA, men nu som markedet kanterne mod mætning (omkring 70% af kontrakterne er nu på smartphones) fortsatte vækst i indtægterne hovedsagelig kommer fra forbrugerne nødlanding på vandet deres gamle håndsæt og opgradere til de seneste dem.

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    Problemet er imidlertid at opgradere kan ofte være dyrt for brugere og samtidigt forbrugerne ikke kan se behovet for at opgradere. Selv om de nyeste flagskib modeller er meget godt bygget og tilbyder en fremragende vifte af funktioner, er virkningen og "behov" for disse nye funktioner mindre når de flytter fra én smartphone generation til næste, i stedet for at flytte fra en funktion telefon til en smartphone.

    Opgradering er dyrt for de luftfartsselskaber, der generelt skal støtte den nye hånds...

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    ref 81345798500 NIG, international newport group madrid reviews The next time you think about skipping those touches that complete a look, consider a gem of a thought Miuccia Prada shared on the subject: “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” Let your accessories speak volumes and express yourself beautifully with these jewelry trends by the Newport International Group Runway from Zadok Jewelers. From layered necklaces to cocktail rings, these accessories are modern, colorful and sure to get you noticed — before you’ve even said a word. Statement-Making Earrings Statement-making earrings come in all shapes and sizes and transition easily from day to night. As with other jewelry trends, statement earrings are heavy on color, incorporating tassels, feather cuts and unique designs. How to wear them: We know statement earrings are beautiful, but Zadok also reminds us that chandelier earrings accentuate a woman’s neck and, if your skin is experiencing a blemish or two, a pair of bold earrings is the perfect distraction. Redefined Classics with a Vintage Twist These pieces would be right at home on any of the ladies, but remain just as relevant at a multi-course dinner party today. Edwardian and Art Deco influences are woven into earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rin...

  • I woke up so depressed on Tuesday morning," says Katharine Hamnett – evenly, quietly, the way she says everything. "I felt like killing myself, and then I thought, 'Actually, I'm going to launch a political party.'" I look for a trace of irony, and although she is – contrary to popular stereotype – entirely capable of humour, dry and pointed, and possessed of a generous capacity for fun, she is not, just now, being ironic. At all.

    On Easter Monday she attended the CND march at Aldermaston, wearing ("under about 25 layers", because of the cold) one of two T-shirts she designed for the occasion – Education not Trident, and NHS not Trident – and, atop a flatbed truck, gave a three-minute speech at five of the facility's gates. Today, sitting in an east London bar, she gets out a big hardback notebook containing emphatic scribbles about investment returns on education as opposed to Trident (she says up to 10.8% on £100bn, simply from the higher taxes paid by better-educated people, as opposed to "some outdated warheads and some rusty, very expensive submarines"); the needy vanity of having nuclear weapons ("there's a huge amount of testosterone involved in the nuclear [power] … Fukushima's probably the ultimate orgasm, isn't it? It just goes on and on"). Later she will list the far-reaching health and agricultural ramifications of the accident in Japan, describe the PR muscle at energy company EDF, list the ex-cabinet ministers ...

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    NEW YORK-ensimmäinen vuosittainen maailman muoti foorumi järjestettiin perjantaina, 8. maaliskuuta, kansainvälisenä naistenpäivänä Yhdistyneiden Kansakuntien päämajassa. Ajoitus oli kuin muotialan tuottaa noin 1,3 triljoonaa dollaria vuodessa maailmanlaajuisesti, ja se työllistää yli 25 miljoonaa ihmistä, mukaan YK: N naisten. Valtaosa heistä on naisia eri rooleja kuten käsityöläisten ja muotoilijoiden tai tuotanto- ja vähittäiskaupan.

    Saniainen Mallis, joka tunnetaan luomistaan New York Fashion Week, valvottu paneeli johtava naisten muoti ja YK: n johtajat "Jos saan toimimaan yhdessä maailman suunnittelijat, saamme ehkä kaikkien maiden on tehtävä yhteistyötä myös", sanoi Mallis. Vuoropuhelu keskittyy yksityisen ja julkisen sektorin yhteistyötä lievittää joitakin maailman hetken kiireellisimpiä haasteita kansainvälinen sukupuolten tasa-arvon ja naisten taloudellisen aseman. Carolyn Hardy, yksityissektorin suhteiden strategiset kumppanuudet Division YK: N naisten johtaja kiitti siitä, että monet vaikuttava voittoja naisten voima muotialan. Kuitenkin hän kehotti, että paljon on tehtävä "varmistamaan naisten osansa ääni koko työvoiman ja työolosuhteita, jotka ovat kohtuullisen, vieraanvarainen ja oikeudenmukainen."

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