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  • http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/oct/30/online-fraud-costs-more-than-100-billion-dollars

    On line fraude kost de wereldeconomie "vele malen meer" dan de oorspronkelijke schattingen in de verliezen van $12.100 (£62bn) een jaar, een wereldberoemde expert op veiligheid van de cyberruimte heeft gezegd.

    Eugene Kaspersky zei het bedrag gestolen van banken, financiële instellingen, bedrijven en particulieren kan worden ten minste het dubbele de $12.100 naar schatting drie jaar geleden. Mede-oprichter van Kaspersky Lab, een anti-virus software bedrijf, zei dat de volgende grote cyber schok voor de economie van de wereld zou kunnen worden een online aanvallen op een staat nationale infrastructuur, zoals in de film Die Hard 4, waarin Bruce Willis cybercriminelen die dreigen gevechten te kappen en saboteren de Verenigde Staten vervoerssysteem tot stand brengen, elektrische centrales en aandelenmarkt.

    Spreken op het Web Top in Dublin, de Russische internet veiligheid ondernemer zei: "drie jaar geleden werd ons verteld dat de jaarlijkse kosten van cybercriminaliteit ongeveer 100 miljard Amerikaanse dollars was. Ik zou zeggen dat vandaag dat cijfer wordt vermenigvuldigd vele malen, het is veel meer dan dat bedrag. "

    Hij zei dat zijn veiligheid bedrijf werkt met verschillende mondiale financiële bedrijven om hen te beschermen tegen criminele hackers. "Ik denk dat nu de situatie nog slechter is dan het drie jaar geleden was. Over het geheel genomen lij...

  • Latest news Abney Associates technology, svindlere lover lettjente penger i trolling for LinkedIn-brukere

    Svindlere lover lettjente penger i trolling for LinkedIn-brukere

    Det siste året sa svindlere lovende sysselsetting har spredd seg fra Facebook og Twitter til LinkedIn, hvor deres falske profiler har blitt dukker opp så fort siden er kunne ta dem ned, Bianca Stanescu, sikkerhet spesialist for anti-virus leverandør Bitdfender, fredag.

    Mens jobbsvindel er regelmessig funnet på Facebook, LinkedIn ble ansett som mindre utsatt på grunn av sin profesjonell klientell, Stanescu sa. Det synes imidlertid at en LinkedIn profil med et bilde av en pen kvinne posere som jobb rekrutterer og lovende lettjente penger er for vanskelig for folk, spesielt menn, til å motstå.

    Det er spesielt fristende for menn å klikke disse annonsene å jobbe med slike vakre menneskelig ressurs ledere liker Christina og Annabelle,"sa Stanescu. "Vi også funnet noen kalt Jessica."

    I en siste svindel rapportert av Bitdefender, "Annabelle Erica," en pen blonde, lovet å sette jobbsøkere kontakt med hundrevis av selskaper på jakt etter engelsk oversettere.

    "Det spiller ingen rolle hvilket språk du snakker, så lenge du snakker engelsk og minst ett annet omgangsspråk, det er mange jobber du tilgjengelig," profilen sa.

    Lovende mer enn 3600 kr i måneden, profilen inkludert en forkortet URL som knyttet til et nettsted registrert på et ".com" domene å unn...

  • Cyber_theft_177_

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    Nigeria has been pitched among countries that lose yearly to cyber fraud. The country is said to have lost well over N 7.5billion in 2012 owing to cybercrime, while the global loss is estimated at $1trillion (about N155 trillion) for 2012. According to the research by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the rising profile of cybercrime is causing great havoc globally. The report also maintained that out of the $1 trillion loss, only $390 billion was reported for obvious reasons.

    Following this disclosure, Nigeria’s First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, will lead about 700 leaders including Mr. Ehud Barak, a former Prime Minister of Israel, Dr. Salma Abbasi, founder/CEO eWorldWide, USA, a high level team both from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to the third World Cyber security Conference next week in Abuja.

    Among the 700 select leaders include top government functionaries, state governors and National Assembly members. Also expected are CEOs of Corporate Nigeria, Military and Intelligence chiefs and the diplomatic community, among others. The cyber security conference will map out new strategies to secure government and business assets, personal security including Child Online Protection and online e-commerce transaction on the cyberspace.

    With the theme: ‘Cyber Insecurity- A latent threat to national security and economic development’. Dame Jonathan, who is also the ITU-IMPACT champion ...

  • Google's latest doodle marks the birthday of Erwin Schrödinger, the Nobel prize-winning quantum physicist whose eponymous equation lies at the heart of quantum mechanics.

    Born in Vienna in 1887 to a factory owner and his Austrian-English wife, Schrödinger was tutored at home as a child and went on to study theoretical physics at the University of Vienna before undertaking voluntary military service, later returning to academia to study experimental physics.

    Renewed military service during the first world war broke up his studies before he was sent back to Vienna in 1917 to teach a course in meteorology.

    However, it was not until his late 30s that he was to change forever the face of physics by producing a series of papers that were all written and published over the course of a six-month period of theoretical research.

    By 1925, then a professor of physics at the University of Zurich and holidaying in the Alps, Schrödinger formulated a wave-equation that accurately gave the energy levels of atoms. It formed the basis of the work that would earn him the Nobel prize in physics in 1933.

    In subsequent years, he repeatedly criticised conventional interpretations of quantum mechanics by using the paradox of what would become known as Schrödinger's cat. This thought experiment was designed to illustrate what he saw as the problems surrounding application of the conventional, so-called "Copenhagen interpretation" of quantum mechanics to everyday objects.

    Other work...

  • The BOILER ROOM Asheville: The Music Venue

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    http://abneynicoleturpin.blogspot.dk/2013/07/the-boiler-room-asheville-music-venue.html The BOILER ROOM Asheville: The Music Venue

    Read more Articles: http://boilerroomasheville.com/ http://boilerroomasheville.com/boilercontact.html

    courtesy of Mr. John Abney and its associates The BOILER ROOM Asheville: The Music Venue If you want a good night well spent then spend it here. A live music and live entertainment venue located in the basement of the GROVE HOUSE Entertainment Complex, The BOILER ROOM, offers great acoustics for live music of any genre and hosts local, and also out of town live music scenes.

    According to the official site, The BOILER ROOM strives to be a ‘launching pad’ for the community to grow beyond Asheville and is renowned for being attentive and accommodating to the needs of all artists, entertainers, and patrons alike. We are a place for bands to showcase “Original” works and materials only, for you won’t find ANY cover bands here! BOILER ROOM is capable of adapting to the demands of nearly any event and its staff will strive to make that event rock! We guarantee an unforgettable impression on your fans and guests. And definitely the place is living to its promise.

    The good thing about the place is that you have the choice because The BOILER ROOM may be divided to be its own separate venue, or combined with Scandals Nightclub and/or Club Eleven on Grove, depending on the size of the event.

    Here is how you can reach The BOILER ROOM (Com...

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    latest abney and associates technology news Google's Eric Schmidt Invests in Obama's Big Data Brains During the 2012 campaign, Barack Obama’s reelection team had an underappreciated asset: Google’s (GOOG) executive chairman, Eric Schmidt. He helped recruit talent, choose technology, and coach the campaign manager, Jim Messina, on the finer points of leading a large organization. “On election night he was in our boiler room in Chicago,” says David Plouffe, then a senior White House adviser. Schmidt had a particular affinity for a group of engineers and statisticians tucked away beneath a disco ball in a darkened corner of the office known as “the Cave.” The data analytics team, led by 30-year-old Dan Wagner, is credited with producing Obama’s surprising 5 million-vote margin of victory. For all its acclaim, the analytics team’s main achievement is often misunderstood as “microtargeting” or some variant on wooing voters. This reverses the relationship between campaign and voter at the heart of Wagner’s method. Recent campaigns have employed a top-down approach to identify what they thought were vital demographic groups such as “soccer moms.” Wagner’s team pursued a bottom-up strategy of unifying vast commercial and political databases to understand the proclivities of individual voters likely to support Obama or be open to his message, and then sought to persuade them through personalized contact via Facebook (FB), e-mail, or a knock on the door. “I think of them as people sci...

  • Reviews by Abney and Associates, Code 85258081704

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    Internet Reviews Abney Associates Blog Articles The US Federal Trade Commission has carried out a huge international crackdown on a number of "tech support" scams being run out of India which have conned people in the UK, US, Canada and elsewhere out of millions of pounds since 2008. As explained by the Guardian in 2010, the scams used "boiler room" tactics, dialling through phone books for English-speaking countries. People who answered the phone were told the call came from Microsoft or their internet service provider, and that the person's computer was "reporting viruses". The caller would then perform an unnecessary "fix" on the computer and charge the person for it – and sometimes sign them up to multi-year "support" contracts. The cost could run to hundreds of pounds. People in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were targeted because they, like the people carrying out the scam, are English-speaking. The Guardian understands that the scam was worth millions of pounds a year to the organised gangs carrying it out. At the FTC's request in six cases, a federal district judge froze the US assets of 17 people and 14 companies that have been accused of taking part in the operations. The FTC has also shut down 80 internet domain names and 130 phone numbers used in the US to carry out the scams. The FTC is seeking an end to the scams, and repayments for people who were conned out of money. Though the FTC said it could ...

  • Pentagon utvider cyber-angrep evner

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    Abney And Associates Technology News Blog WASHINGTON-USAs militære er øke budsjettet for cyber-krigføring og utvide sin offensive evner, inkludert muligheten til å avslutte sine kommando-systemer i tilfelle krig, eller blind fiendens radar i henhold til to defense tjenestemenn. I 2014 forsvarsbudsjettet lansert forrige uke, steg bevilget for cyber-operasjoner til $4.7 milliarder, opp fra $3,9 milliarder. Mye av de ekstra pengene går inn i utviklingen av offensive evner, vanligvis referert til som nettverk for dataangrep, ifølge budsjett dokumenter. Tjenestemenn sier dette er evner-inkludert rettet mot militære datanettverk — at en sjef må kanskje i en konflikt, og ville bli brukt kun i henhold til loven om væpnet konflikt. Utvidelsen er en anerkjennelse av at cyberkrig vil trolig være minst en del av fremtidig konflikt. De siste årene, har Pentagon brukt hundrevis av millioner av dollar på å bygge cyber-evner, en innsats som har fått haster som Kina, Russland, Nord-Korea og andre nasjoner har brukt cyberspace å angripe motstandere eller stjele hemmeligheter. "Når du ser på det strategiske landskapet fra vårt perspektiv, det blir verre," vitnet Army gen Keith Alexander, leder av Cyber Command, nylig til Kongressen. Amerikanske tjenestemenn sier de har en rekke sofistikerte cyber-angrep funksjoner bør de være nødvendig av sjefer i en konflikt. Ferdighetene er forgjengelig og krever konstant honing, sa defense tjenestemenn. "Fra alt jeg sa, vi er så god som noen o...

  • Aa4

    http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/article/1217582/online-attempts-steal-personal-information-rise-hong-kong AN Abney Associates News Flash Phishing sites, which masquerade as genuine websites to steal users’ personal information, are on the rise in Hong Kong, Microsoft warned on Thursday. Some 6.23 phishing sites were found per 1,000 hosts in the fourth quarter last year, up from 6.01 in the third quarter, according to Microsoft’s latest Security Intelligence Report. However, the number of malware infections remained low in the same period. Every 1,000 computers had 2.2 malware infections on average, the report found. Tim Rains, director of product management in Microsoft’s Trustworthy Computing group, said the rise could be because Hong Kong is a financial centre and phishing sites masquerade as banking websites to steal information. “The fact that we have a low malware infection rate in Hong Kong, but slightly elevated level of phishing is actually interesting,” he said. He said the reason could be that the attackers were using a smaller number of compromised systems in Hong Kong to do more phishing than other attacks. Roy Ko Wai-tak, manager of Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre, said websites of small and medium enterprises were often hijacked by attackers to build phishing sites – which pose as big corporations – because of poor cyber security. Rains also said the most common malware is called keygen, which comes with key generators that prod...

  • Img_security_-_abney_177_


    An Abney Associates Hong Kong Security warning KATHMANDU: Persoonlijke veiligheid of het veilige beheer van persoonlijke records, financiën en andere afzonderlijke effecten hebben is steeds meer overgebracht naar geautomatiseerde gegevensbestanden die zijn ondergebracht op het world wide web. Alle informatie binnen het bereik van een soort van online server rijst de vraag of de veiligheid van digitale opslag. Bestanden opslaan op de veelgeprezen . 'Almachtige cloud' is slechts sympathiek draai voor 'uw gegevens is op iemand anders server.' Watprecies is veilig over uw gegevens worden op iemand anders computersysteem toch? Hoe kan een individu beter controle over hun online gegevens in deze omgeving? Ten eerste, beveiligen van gegevens is het plaatsen van strakke controle over het vrijgeven van het in de eerste plaats. Ervoor zorgen dat de informatie wordt niet gegeven aan phishing of andere correspondentie die terloops vragen om te onthullen wachtwoord, kritieke gegevens, accounts en sofi-nummer. Wellicht moet nadenken over de voors en tegens van een gedetailleerde-profiel van jezelf op sociale sites. Een uitgebreide individuele profiel kan worden gebruikt om te helpen bijhouden en spion op uw activiteiten van partijen die pretenderen te zijn uw vriend door te contacteren via die dezelfde sociale gemeenschappen. Ten tweede, neemt u de duik met Facebook of Twitter, wees voorzichtig met wat je op dergelijke sites post. Vele beroemdheden hebb...

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