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  • The Southwood Norsemytho Group Reviews: The Myth Maker

    Arts & Culture, Communication Design SWG 85258083180 code, norsemytho southwood group Fostering a shared set of perspectives, values, history and literature in the stories itself is what Rajiv G Menon captured his interest. The continuity and stability to a culture led Menon to write his first book entitled “Thundergod”.

    A child that was once asked his grandmother to write an essay and inked a line or two, attributed her delightful storytelling skills and how she raises up those dramatic images from mythology while demonstrating precious lessons from the ancient volumes.

    The first written book of Menon was seen in a usual setting in which the communal tales are connected to one another, to their ancestors, to the natural world surrounding the earth, and to society, from a mere mortal to becoming the Emperor of Gods- Thundergod. This was the first manuscript of Menon’s verdict trilogy dashes Lord Indra’s journey. The literary that gives meaning to life that was being dedicated to his grandmother named Sowdamini Menon.

    This literary work of Menon is actually a herald to Indian mythology where Indra is already crowned as God and soon became the king of Gods. The story has only few instances from mythology, a deliberate attempt not to play on that but more on the fictional aspect of storytelling. Since Menon has a background in screenplay writing for movies, He planned Thundergod as a two-hour film. But, as the story goes on the very idea of squeezing it all within such a short time seemed unjust. Then, the idea came out instead of on filmstrips why not on the black and white cover. With so many books on mythology out in the market, will having another one make a difference? Transcending common life into a world in which deities interact with humans and dusting enthusiasts that our daily actions are part of the deities’ grand schemes like Thundergod is an era prior to the ones mentioned in the books available currently.

    If you are a young myth maker wishing to take on a mythological journey and feels that your own struggle might have a similar cosmic or archetypal significance, tough on a smaller scale, Menon recommends reading the Amar Chitra Katha series which he read as a child. The author’s curiosity for mythology, however, goes beyond Indian myths to encompass Greek, Norse and Mesopotamian legends. SWG 85258083180 code, norsemytho southwood group


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