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Global Health Portal

Global Health Portal

Well-being, Communication, Education

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Our primary objective is to translate the latest and most relevant findings regarding health behavior into layman's terms, and engage the general public around the world.

Chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and metabolic disorders besides various types of cancers, to name the most significant ones, constitute the leading risks for mortality in Western countries. The shift in the mortality causes in the past century has been dramatic, which requires to act upon.

Whereas medical and pharmacological evolution has enabled to raise the average human life expectancy in Western countries, the quality of life has been in steady decline. We live longer but have more diseases requiring intensive care and/or continuous medication - the quality isn't there.

What we can do about it?

Numerous highly valid and reliable scientific studies around the world have indicated the key issue: regular physical activity and organic & well-rounded nutritional diet are significant preventive countermeasures against various chronic diseases.

We aim to bring this information to general public in an understandable and applicable form via our portal.

The main language, and only one at the beginning, is English.

First and foremost we need the web environment for our purpose. Through this website, we wish to gather a group of voluntary authors (academically educated in the relevant disciplines) to contribute on the site.

The three main categories of our site would be:

1) Exercise - the latest research findings of physical activity on health

2) Nutrition - the latest research findings of nutritional interventions with/without physical activity on health

3) Mind - the latest research findings of psychological/behavioral strategies on health

Would you like to help us designing and building up an attractive, inviting, and easy-to-use website - and be part of the movement?

The anticipated name for the website is Global Health Portal.

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The future of public health is everyone's responsibility

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Global Health Portal

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