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Hass and Associates Cyber Security Info

Hass and Associates Cyber Security Info

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  • The cyberattacks carried out by Syria last week were much more broad than initially reported, and they amounted to a warning shot of the retaliation the U.S. could expect if it should attack. Subsequent attacks would most likely go after U.S. infrastructure, and given how fragile it is and the likelihood Iran or North Korea would help out, the result could be massive.

    As I write this, the U.S. has deployed a battle group to Syria in preparation for a missile strike against the government there, and Russia has deployed what appears to be a counter force. What most seem not to be factoring in is that Syria has already fired its warning shot with attacks on Twitter and The New York Times, at least.

    I say "at least," because reporting of attacks isn't comprehensive, and other attempts may have failed, so Syria's first strike may have been far larger than initially reported. ( [Related cyber-attack updates.]( )

    The U.S. has a tendency to overreact, and it is clear there's insufficient preparation for theinfrastructure collapse that could occur when Syria responds to a missile attack -- and Russia exists as a wild card that could cause the conflict to spread rapidly out of control. It's been common knowledge for some time that the U.S. infrastructure is vulnerable to outside attack and that governments like Syria and China have been probing it and probably know exactly where and how to do the most damage. There's ...

  • Den potentiella faran av Facebook "märkning"

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    Source | Undrar varför Facebook är så entusiastisk över tagga alla, särskilt på deras ansikten? De ett massivt en enorm databas med ansikts profiler som kan kopplas till en matris av personlig information. Över 500 miljoner människor runt om i världen har villigt upp – och i princip gett – Facebook ca 90 miljarder bilder, som i detta data-driven, säkerhet-besatt era betyder Facebook sitter på boet som erbjuder ett gyllene ägg efter den andra. För att utnyttja detta näste av gyllene ägg ytterligare, förvärvade Facebook, ett företag som specialiserat sig på tekniken för ansiktsigenkänning, vilket endast bekräftar ingående av aldrig tidigare skådad forskning som utförs av Carnegie Mellon University att Facebook "har i huvudsak blivit en världsomspännande foto identifiering databas."

    Idén utvecklas – och inte bara via Facebook – är att du (eller polis, FBI, CIA, marknadsföring företag, ogärningsmän eller vem) kommer att kunna hålla upp en smart telefon offentligt och skanna varje ansikte som det går förbi. Tekniken för ansiktsigenkänning, i själva verket används redan av den privata sektorn i high-end butiker som försöker identifiera kändis shoppare när de går in genom dörren. Därefter kommer de att identifiera dig.

    Inte bara kommer ansiktsigenkänning programvara/app berätta med fantastisk exakthet som varje person är, det kommer sannolikt också att kunna länka till privat information som adresser, telefo...

  • Don't Get 'Spoofed' by Rogue Callers

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    When caller ID first arrived on the scene it seemed like a godsend to many people: Now you could easily identify who was on the line and ignore unwanted calls, whether from telemarketers, an ex-boyfriend or an unfriendly collection agency.

    But as often happens, unscrupulous individuals soon began manipulating the technology to defraud people by pretending to be someone else. Their scheme is called "caller ID spoofing" and disturbingly, it's perfectly legal in many cases.

    Here's how caller ID spoofing works and what precautions you should take to avoid being victimized:

    For a very low cost, businesses and individuals can use widely available caller ID spoofing software to generate calls which alter the telephone number and/or name that appear on the recipient's caller ID screen.

    Police, private investigators and collection agencies have used legal spoofing services for many years. Others who might have a legitimate reason to hide their identity when making a call include domestic violence victims and doctors returning patient calls who don't wish to release their private telephone numbers.

    Beyond that, the lines of legality begin to blur. The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 prohibits anyone from transmitting misleading or inaccurate caller ID information with the intent to defraud, cause harm or wrongfully obtain anything of value. Violators can be penalized up to $10,000 for each infraction. Unfortunately, such penalties haven't dissuaded many scammers.

  • Hass Associates Internet Security Tips and Reviews

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    Scarinci Hollenbeck lanserer cybersikkerhet & Data beskyttelse praksis

    Lyndhurst, NJ, 1 mai 2013 - Scarinci Hollenbeck er glade for å kunngjøre dannelsen av en ny gruppe for juridisk praksis som en del av sin pågående strategisk plan for å integrere nye juridiske spesialiteter som er rettet mot kundenes skiftende juridiske behov-Cyber sikkerhet & databeskyttelse. Cyber Security & databeskyttelse gruppen, ledet av Scarinci Hollenbeck-partner og bransjen pioner Fernando M. Pinguelo, utvider firmaets krisehåndtering tilbud for å effektivt håndtere klienten nødhjelp. "Erfaringen og profesjonalitet Fernando Pinguelo bringer til dette firmaet med denne nyopprettede gruppen fortsetter vår forpliktelse til å tilby tjenester som var tidligere bare tilgjengelig for klienter av boutique og større nasjonale advokatfirmaer," sa Donald Scarinci, Managing Partner i firmaet.

    Nettkriminalitet er en farlig aspekt av Internett alder, og en som enkeltpersoner, bedrifter og offentlige etater må effektivt motvirke. Bli offer for brudd på sikkerheten data kan la selskaper åpent for kostbare konsekvenser og omdømmerisiko skader. Som teknologiutviklingen, finne mennesker og kriminelle foretak innovative måter å ulovlig tilgang til og bruke privat og fortrolig informasjon. Kostnaden for disse angrepene til den globale økonomien er anslått for å overskride $1,5 trillioner.

    Scarinci Hollenbeck gjenkjenner den iboende risikoen som følger med teknologi...


    Seven top cyber safety measures for business One in five Australian businesses suffered an electronic breach or cyber attack in 2012. Most report an average of two attacks a year. Companies put their own ability to effectively secure their organisation at 4.5 out of 10. Australia is now 21st in the most attacked nations list, up from 24th. Statistics on the lack of business cyber security and increase in cyber attacks abound. It's no wonder experts continue to warn that poor security practices can compromise company finances and put commercial and customer information in the wrong hands. According to Australia's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) 2012 Cyber Crime and Security Survey Report in February, 20 per cent of Australian businesses were the subject of hacking or other cyber-attacks last year. The most serious involved the use of malicious software including ransomware and scareware, which extort payments for the return of data; trojan or rootkit malware, which lodge in the company's systems to steal information; theft or breach of confidential information; and denial-of-service (DoS) attacks. Advertisement In Operation Lino, Australia's biggest investigation into compromised credit cards, it was found that a Romanian criminal syndicate gained access to 500,000 Australian credit cards, and about 30,000 credit cards were used for fraudulent transactions a...

  • Cybersecurity_177_

    Is UK doing enough to protect itself from cyber attack?

    internet news hass and associates review In 2010 the British government designated the protection of computer networks as one of the country's most important national security priorities. In its Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) it pledged, "The National Cyber Security Programme will be supported by £650m of new investment over the next four years". What exactly has this investment bought, three years on? Speaking on and off the record to insiders - from the government, intelligence agencies and security industry - it is apparent that the achievements in defending the UK from this threat have disappointed many. Much of the available funding may actually have been directed at improving the UK's ability to target other countries' computer secrets. Some point out that even if everything had gone to plan, an investment averaging £162.5m per year over four years could only have a limited effect on such a huge problem. Security experts estimate that there are about 50 million cyber attacks a year in the UK, a number which they say is growing rapidly all of the time, and they put the damage to the UK economy at up to £27bn last year. Yet, even according to government plans, less than half the total money committed has so far been spent. There are suggestions that early strategising consumed many precious months and t...


    hass and associates news blog

    Cybercrime is neither rare nor isolated these days. You no longer need to be a major bank, retailer, credit card company, social media site, or government to become a target. Every company with an online presence, or even a connection to the Internet, has become fair game. Symantec has reported that, year over year, malicious Internet attacks are steadily increasing. Their most recently released report (2012), showed that in 2011, these attacks had increased by over 81 percent, and unique malicious software (“malware”) variants increased by 41 percent, compared with 2010. It is no longer a question of whether a company will be hacked, but when. Attacks are also increasingly “targeted.” For example, in January The New York Times was targeted through a technique called “spear-phishing,” where innocuous-looking email or social media messages were tailored to individual employees and designed to install code that could access, monitor, or steal information. Obvious targets, such as financial institutions, credit card companies, and defense contractors, have often already “hardened” their defenses. Thus, cyberattacks have steadily increased against other targets, such as cloud services providers—where reams of data can be accessed through a single attack—less obvious commercial targets holding valuable informatio...


    hass and associates cyber news review

    Uusi-Seelanti yritykset ovat alttiina hyökkäyksille rikolliset, koska heillä ei ole tarpeen taistella niitä pois infrastruktuurin, asiantuntija on varoittanut. Varoitus tulee kuin pääministeri John Key vierailee Kiinassa, epäillyn lähde monia verkkohyökkäykset. Arvoisa Key sanoo Uuden-Seelannin verkkosivuilla on kohdistettu, mutta ei määritellä hyökkäykset alkuperästä. "Yhdysvallat on tullut julkisesti ja myönsi, että Valkoiseen taloon, puolustusministeriö on hyökätty-he uskovat ja totesivat, että tämä on peräisin Kiinasta," Paul Espanja sitä tukea tarjoajien Gorilla tekniikka sanoi Firstline tänä aamuna. "Myös olemme kuulleet vastaavissa tilanteissa Google, Facebook ja Apple, joten voimme kuvitella, että näitä puheita, tämäntyyppiset hyökkäykset voisi hyvin olla tulossa Kiinassa ja muualla maailmassa varmasti suurten organisaatioiden ja viejiä – Fonterra tykkää ja isompi ohjelmistoja yrityksiä vastaan. "Vaikuttaa erittäin todennäköiseltä, tietäen mitä tiedämme Yhdysvaltain tapauksissa, että nämä eräänlainen asiat tulisivat Kiinasta. Myös tietää, että Pohjois-Korea huhutaan tiimi vähintään 3000, jotka työskentelevät erityisesti cyber sodankäynnin." Arvoisa Espanja sanoo, että pienet yritykset ovat erityisen alttiita hyökkäyksille, koska heillä ei ole varoja maksaa paljon. "Uusi-Seelanti pienyritykset ovat...

  • Phishers Cast Longlines to Hook More Victims

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    It's the last thing security professionals want to see: A new hacking method that makes it even harder to detect suspect code in emails. The method is actually a stealthy combination of two favorite attack modes, and it shows that hackers are pulling out all the stops to ensnare computer users in their webs.

    Phishing and spear phishing have long been thought to be mutually exclusive hacking tricks, but cybercrooks have found a way to combine the two in a technique called longline phishing.

    "The technique allows you to hit a lot of people very quickly and largely go undetected," Dave Jevans, founder and CTO of Marble Security and founder of the Anti-Phishing Work Group, told TechNewsWorld.

    With spear phishing, which is typically used as a vehicle for advanced persistent threat attacks like the recent one on The New York Times, a select group of connected people are targeted with a highly credible email message based on extensive research of the targets' backgrounds.

    "With longlining, you can get hundreds of people exposed to a website that will infect their computers," Jevans noted.

    He explained that longliners -- named after commercial fishermen who use long lines of hooks to catch fish -- might send 100,000 emails from 50,000 IP addresses, which makes it difficult to identify an email from a particular server as hacking bait.

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    Tradisjonelle undersøkelse teknikker kommer til kort når overfor cyber-kriminelle fra bankranere for pedofile... og så er det kampen for å forklare sakene til dommere

    Hvis politiet har en hard tid holde opp med kriminelle i den "virkelige verden", har de virkelig fått hendene fullstendige, elektroniske, ifølge Israel politiet Superintendent Meir Hayoun av Cyber-kriminalitet politienhet. Håndteringen av cyber-kriminalitet har vært et spill av catch-up- og som cyber kriminelle utvikle nye og innovative måter å rive av mennesker, sa han, det er en konstant kamp for å holde tritt med dem.

    Hayoun var tale på den årlige begivenheten i Israel Internett Association (ISOC-IL), hvor datamaskin og Internett industriledere samlet denne uken for å diskutere alt fra fremtidige trender i søkemotor-teknologi til fremtidens TV, Internett markedsføring, gaming og merkevarebygging- og cyber-kriminalitet, som fortsetter å bli verre som gjerningsmennene av svindel, planer og dristig dagslys ran blir stadig mer sofistikerte i deres metoder.

    Cyber-livet har forårsaket ingen ende av hodepine for politiet, sa Hayoun. "En gang, det var en klar differensiering mellom telekommunikasjon forbrytelser og datamaskinen forbrytelser. Telefonsamtaler var en ting, og Internett surfing var noe annet. Men i dag, takket være konvergens av enheter, og ubiquitousness av tjene...

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